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Effective tricks to speed up your metabolism in morning

by Alivia Nyhan
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Do you know that you can accelerate the metabolism in a simple way ? There are many people who complain of having a slow metabolism, which is why it costs them more to burn calories from food and they tend to gain weight more easily. It is true that factors such as, for example, the genetics of each one and the body of each one intervene in this condition, but there are also some practices that can help you to work more quickly and, therefore, you can stay at your ideal weight. or lose weight if you are overweight.

In fact, first thing in the morning is the best time of day to try new lifestyle habits that will help you activate your body by promoting the burning of fat during that day and better distributing your energy throughout the day. In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to discover 6 effective tricks to speed up your metabolism in the morning so that you make the most of the calories and nutrients in food.

Exercise in the morning, the best way to wake up your metabolism

One of the best ways to get your metabolism going in the morning is to exercise right after you wake up. First thing in the day is when we can burn more calories and when we make the metabolism work at the highest level, something ideal to activate it and make it work better for the rest of the day. It is best to go to the gym or go for a run but, if you don’t have time, just go to work by bike or walking and, in this way, you also wake up your body.

In addition, with exercise first thing in the morning you also get to wake up and be cooler during the day, something perfect to start working with your mind fully ready for concentration. And this also affects the diet because the more sleepy we are, the more we tend to eat foods with sugar that help us increase energy levels. Therefore, exercising when you wake up will also help you control your diet and avoid the temptation to eat sweets in the morning.

Currently there is a trend that is becoming very fashionable: running on an empty stomach . Many people believe that by exercising in the morning without introducing anything into the body, accumulated fat can be used directly for energy use, thus losing much more weight than at other times of the day. However, at FastlyHealwe want to emphasize that this practice should only be done by sports professionals because an amateur may feel faint, dizzy, lose balance and may even lose consciousness.

You should also bear in mind that it is likely that, after exercise, you will be very hungry and end up eating something greasy to satisfy your appetite so it is much healthier to exercise on a full stomach.

Enjoy a rich breakfast to activate your metabolism

Another of the ways that exist to activate the metabolism is through breakfast. Contrary to what many people think, it is essential to eat to lose weight and, among all meals, breakfast is the most important of all because it is the one that we will surely burn throughout the day and is the vital one to provide us with nutrients and essential vitamins to get through the day with the energy we need.

You should never skip breakfast because this meal manages to wake up your metabolism making it work at its highest level for the rest of the day. Of course: avoid eating chocolate, pastries or fatty foods and, failing that, opt for balanced and nutritious alternatives that include carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Eating a complete breakfast will provide all the nutrients your body needs after fasting at night and thus reduce hunger for the rest of the day. Without breakfast, the hunger of fasting is not satisfied and, therefore, we spend the day eating large amounts of calories to feel satisfied. This is easily solved with a balanced breakfast that will keep glucose and insulin at balanced levels and, thus, avoid eating fatty or sweet foods.

It is important to eat to lose weight

But not only should you eat first thing in the day but it is also essential that, during the day, you include food in your body so that your metabolism is working and, therefore, burning calories. Therefore, low-calorie diets are not a good recommendation if your goal is to activate the metabolism.

When eating, our body consumes energy to absorb, transport and metabolize food, in addition, some foods produce the effect known as “thermogenic”, that is, it produces a contrast of heat inside us making the work of metabolism look increased between 8 and 16% after each meal.

Therefore, by eating you get the metabolic system to work better and if, on the contrary, you choose not to eat or eat little you will make it slow down because what it will try is to distribute the energy throughout the day. You will stop burning accumulated fat in addition to having a general feeling of hunger throughout the day. Of course: to lose weight it will be necessary that you opt for healthy alternatives and avoid fatty and caloric foods that will increase the presence of fat in your body.

5 meals a day you will need to speed up your metabolism

Another trick to activate your metabolism is to distribute your meals in 5 servings a day. The reason is that if you distribute your diet in 3 meals, you make them contain a large caloric intake that can oversaturate the functioning of our digestion and prevent the nutrients from being assimilated correctly, for this reason we can suffer from indigestion, stomach heaviness or bloating.

If, on the other hand, we divide our day into 5 meals, we manage, first, to reduce hunger and arrive at the main meals with a voracious anxiety and, second, we make our metabolism work for more hours a day and, therefore, we manage to activate it boosting the burning of calories naturally.

It is recommended that 2 to 4 hours be allowed to pass between intake and intake in order to avoid a great feeling of hunger and to activate the metabolism very frequently. A good planning of meal times would be the following:

  • 9 am: Breakfast
  • 11 am: Mid-morning
  • 14 pm: Lunch
  • 17.30 pm: Snack
  • 20.30 pm: Price

To avoid overloading our digestive system, it is also recommended that you eat early , at least 2 hours before going to bed because, in this way, you can digest before sleeping. Keep in mind that, when we sleep, the body slows down and, therefore, it will be difficult for it to digest very large meals. At OneHowTo we discover the best weight loss dinners that will help you lose weight without starving.

Bet on healthy food

It is important that you bet on a healthy and low-fat diet so that the metabolism goes to the fat reserves and transforms them into energy. Keep in mind that the function of this system is focused on digesting the meals we make and, if you work at the highest level, we make sure that in addition to the calories we eat, you have to go to the stored reserves to be able to finish your work. This is the reason why it can help us lose weight but, of course, if we opt for greasy foods such as pizzas, hamburgers or French fries, the caloric intake is so great that we will not allow the metabolism to go to saturated fats.

Of all the foods that there are, proteins are the most suitable to lose weight because they are digested slowly by the body and, therefore, they need a great deal of work from our metabolism to be processed. In addition, this quality means that, after eating them, we are satiated for longer, something that does not happen when we eat simple carbohydrates or fatty foods since they are quickly absorbed. In addition, the consumption of protein also contributes to the balance of glucose and insulin, thus avoiding that we go to other sweeter or greasy portions to level them.

Despite this, you should not make the mistake of opting for a protein-only diet because our body needs carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables to function properly.

The perfect morning coffee for your metabolism

And we finish this list of the most effective tricks to speed up metabolism by talking about coffee, a natural stimulant that activates the functioning of our body. It is an ideal option to get your whole body to wake up after a night’s rest and, in addition, thanks to the caffeine you will be able to feel active and full of energy .

However, if you want to lose weight you should know that it is recommended that you drink a cup of coffee alone without sweetening or doing it with stevia or sweetener; If you usually drink it with milk, make sure it is skimmed or opt for a vegetable alternative (soy milk, oat milk, etc.).

In the event that you do not like coffee, you can try tea , a perfect alternative to wake up your body since it contains theine.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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