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Eye bags in men: very effective home remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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 Men have bags under their eyes, and consequently, they have a more tired faces and a more neglected appearance. These bags that form in the area of ​​the lower eyelids appear due to an excessive accumulation of fluid, which can be caused by several factors, such as fluid retention, an improper diet, a lack of hydration, etc. However, they also have a significant genetic component. Therefore, to prevent and reduce them, it will be necessary to lead a healthy life, follow a diet rich in low-fat foods, rest enough hours a day, and drink plenty of water.

In addition to these habits, there are some natural products that, due to their properties, are very effective in attenuating these signs and making them less noticeable. Continue reading this FastlyHealarticle in which we show you which are the best home remedies for eye bags in men.

Causes of bags under the eyes

The eye contour has the most delicate and fragile skin of the entire face, and its average thickness is five times less than that of the rest of the face areas. In addition to this, it also has fewer sebaceous glands, collagen, and elastin fibers, which, added to the constant movement of the muscles in that area, makes the dermis distend more efficiently and is more prone to bags, dark circles, and premature wrinkles.

The bags under the eyes appear due to a loss of tone of the muscles and the skin located under the lower eyelids, which causes a sagging and narrowing of the dermis. There are several causes of eye bags, here are the main ones; pay attention:

Fluid retention

One of the leading causes of eye bags in men and women is fluid retention. This condition causes an excessive accumulation of fluid in the lower eyelid area caused by several factors such as lack of sleep, a diet high in fat and salt, or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco.

Bad eating habits

The lack of essential nutrients in the diet can cause poor blood circulation and, in addition to the formation of bags, the face presents a more neglected and aged appearance. It is essential to eat the right amount of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables every day.

Lack of hydration

Not drinking enough water during the day causes an accumulation of toxins in the body, and the skin is dehydrated, thus favoring the formation or accentuation of bags in the eyes. Therefore, you must try to drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

In addition, we have already commented that the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and refined. Therefore, it is necessary to hydrate it daily with the appropriate creams and lotions. Apply a unique eye contour for bags about two times a day, in the morning and at night, after cleansing the face.

Genetic factors

Some people are more likely to develop bags under the eyes because they have a significant hereditary component. In these cases, it will be essential to follow a good diet, hydrate adequately, and rest long enough to prevent them from being more noticeable.

Cucumber slices

There are many home remedies for eye bags in men that are very effective in alleviating this problem without resorting to surgery.

One of the most used natural treatments is the one made with cucumber, as this is a food that helps to decongest the area, promoting blood circulation, and provides calm and freshness. It also contains vitamin C and silica, which help prevent fluid retention.


To start, you have to cut two slices of cucumber that are pretty thick and place them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Then, place them over your eyes, letting them act, and hydrate the area for approximately 15 minutes.

Chamomile, green tea, or red tea

Chamomile and green or red tea are good infusions to remove bags under the eyes quickly. The reason is that all of them have powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which are ideal for reducing puffiness in the lower eyelids, in addition to giving your eyes a much more rested appearance.


You have to prepare an infusion of chamomile, green tea, or red tea and reserve the bags. Put two sachets of the selected information in the freezer and when they are freezing, place them on the eyes, resting with them for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Another option is to soak some gauze in one of these infusions when they have warmed up and then place them on the eyes for about 15 minutes.

Raw potato slices

In addition to cucumber slices, potato slices are also perfect for helping eliminate bags under the eyes. This tuber contains starch, a component that helps reduce inflammation of the area, soften it, and drain the accumulated liquid. The raw potato has also become one of the home remedies for dark circles, thanks to its whitening and brightening action on the skin.


In the same way, as with the cucumber, cut two thick slices of raw potato and put them in the refrigerator to cool. Then, place them over the eyes, letting it act for 15 minutes.

On the other hand, you can also mash potato and apply its juice to the lower eyelids with the help of a cotton ball and dabbing over the entire area.


Ice is a classic in the treatments used to reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation, so it is also a perfect ally to eliminate bags under the eyes. In addition, it acts as a good toner, thus helping to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the area.


It is essential that to not cause burns to the skin, you wrap the ice cubes in a towel and then place them on the lower eyelids for a few minutes.

To benefit from the effects of cold on the skin around the eyes, we recommend washing your face with cold water every morning.

Almonds oil

One of the most hydrating and nutritious vegetable oils is almond, and it is also a great natural anti-inflammatory, making it a very effective product to combat eye bags. It also acts effectively against dark circles and keeps the skin around the eye area young, thanks to preserving the elasticity and flexibility of the tissues.


Before going to sleep, apply a few drops of almond oil to the eye contour on a clean face and distribute the product with a gentle circular massage.

Witch hazel

Another of the most recommended home remedies for eye bags in men is witch hazel. It is a liquid obtained by a decoction of the leaves of a shrub called Hamamelis Virginiana. It stands out in the world of aesthetics and beauty for its magnificent properties for skincare. It has anti-inflammatory effects and improves blood circulation, which helps reduce puffiness in bags and allows you to look fresher and more rested.


You can find this product in health food stores or stores specializing in the sale of natural products. You just have to place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool down and then apply it to the eye contour to decongest.

Egg white

Finally, in a list of natural treatments for eye bags, egg white cannot be missingThis part of the egg allows to deeply hydrate the skin, in addition to firming it and giving it a lot of elasticity, which is excellent for preventing premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles in that area.


First, you will have to separate the yolk of the egg from the white and reserve the latter. With the help of a brush, apply the white to the eye contour area and wait for it to act for about 20 minutes. As it dries, you will feel how your skin begins to tighten. After that time, remove with plenty of cold or warm water.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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