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Definition of enteric coating

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The enteric coating is the material that covers some medicines to ensure that gastric juices fail to inhibit the active principles and, consequently, would nullify the effects of the treatment. It is a solid coating of soluble gelatin that facilitates swallowing and contains powder, granules, or liquid to provide some active principle. The enteric coating is used to release said active code in a specific place in the small intestine, passing through the stomach without being degraded. At FastlyHealwe, explain the Definition of enteric coverage in more detail.

Enteric coating

Additional covering for oral medications, designed to be absorbed through the intestine, resisting passage through the stomach. The cover resists the effects of gastric juices.

The enteric coating is intended to coat capsules to resist gastric juices when irritation of the gastric mucosa must be avoided. The absence of an enteric coating would make it inevitable that stomach acid would destroy the active ingredients of the medicine. Enteric-coated drugs should not be crushed.

Types of drugs based on your coverage

Enteric-coated tablets are products that, through certain modifications, prevent the drug from being released in the stomach to be absorbed through the intestine.

The objectives of this are:

  • Protect the active ingredients from heartburn.
  • Protect the patient from the irritating effects of the drug on the stomach.
  • Delaying when the medicine starts to work.

We can mainly distinguish between 4 types of drugs according to their coverage:

  • Enteric-coated capsules. As we have explained, they are used to protect the effects of a drug, and these are released in the right place to be absorbed.
  • They extended-release capsules. They are made so that their effects begin to take effect for a long time after administration.
  • Wafers . Also known as starch stamps, discs, or capsules, they are made from flour and water.
  • Pearls . They are used to deliver oily liquids, even though they also contain solid ingredients in the oil.

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