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Definition of premorbid personality

by Alivia Nyhan
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Premorbid personality is a term used in psychiatry to refer to a series of personality changes or signs present in an individual, which early show the existence of a mental disorder. The analysis of these features is essential for the psychiatrist to create a profile of the patient, make an accurate diagnosis and even initiate a treatment that minimizes the impact of the psychiatric condition on the patient’s life.

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Premorbid personality concept

In psychiatry, the premorbid personality refers to the signs of personality changes that a patient manifests and that can show, in an early way, the existence of a mental disorder. The specific features of each patient can indicate whether the disorder will progress to schizophreniabipolar disorder, or any other type of illness.

There is a relationship between brain injuries and the personality or personality changes that an individual may present before a specific disorder is triggered. For example, in the case of senile dementia, many relatives close to the patient detect changes in their behavior: childhood behaviors. These personality traits make them notice that they are no longer the same.

These changes or certain specific personality traits are common in all disorders. Although sometimes they are not detected by the patient’s environment, the psychiatrist will try to determine what they are and what disease they could lead to. Premorbid Personality Analysis helps psychiatrists create as detailed a patient profile as possible.

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