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Definition of enamel hypocalcification

by Alivia Nyhan
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Enamel hypocalcification is a qualitative enamel defect that occurs in the calcification stage. It is a defect in the development of the hard tissues of the patient and occurs before its eruption due to a disorder in the formation of the enamel. The main cause of this defect is a disorder that affects metabolism and the formation of feelings, especially enamel. These disorders can be diseases that cause fever, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine disorders, and toxic substances. At FastlyHealwe detail the definition of enamel hypocalcification .

Enamel hypocalcification

Hereditary dental defect in which the enamel of the teeth is white and decalcified, the cause of which is a defective maturation of the ameloblasts.

  • Local hypocalcification . Only part of a dente is affected by trauma or periapical infections. A white-opaque area can be seen on the dental crown.
  • Systemic hypocalcification . It occurs as a result of general disorders such as rickets, parotid deficiency or an excessive intake of fluoride.
  • Hereditary hypocalcification . It can be seen throughout the crown of the teeth. The causes are hereditary and the enamel is very soft, so it can be removed with a prophylaxis instrument.

Causes of enamel hypocalcification

As we have pointed out previously, the hypocalcification of the enamel is a consequence of defects that occur during the maturation of the tooth and its eruption.

  • Premature eruption . It can be seen in newborns through erupted primary teeth. In most cases, it is the lower incisors that erupt at this time.
  • Late eruption . In this case, the alteration occurs because the eruption occurs late in the primary and permanent dentition, mainly due to local and general factors. This happens due to lack of space, trauma, supernumerary teeth, etc.
  • Malocclusion . It is an alteration in which the teeth are affected, between the neighboring teeth and the maxillae. The factors are local, hereditary, or environmental.
  • Retained or included teeth . The former do not erupt due to a lack of eruptive outside, while the latter are the primary teeth that do not exfoliate in the correct replacement time.
  • Supraeruption . The tooth surpasses the occlusion plate when erupting by losing the antagonist.
  • Concrescence . There is a fusion between the roots of different erupted teeth, forming a single crown.

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