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Definition of ovalocytes

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In a hematological analysis, the morphology of the blood cells becomes essential information that can indicate to the specialist details about the patient’s health or the existence of a particular group of diseases. Ovalocytes are a type of red blood cell with their characteristics found in patients with specific pathologies, so when detecting their presence, the specialist can approach a diagnosis.

In this FastlyHeal article, we explain the Definition of ovalocytes and the conditions linked to their appearance.

Ovalocyte concept

Ovalocytes are oval-shaped red cells or red blood cells with a pale center that appear in the hematology of patients with certain conditions, are usually associated with macrocytic cells, and are present in megaloblastic processes. The presence of ovalocytes may indicate:

Red blood cells are red blood cells or blood cells that form in the bone marrow and carry hemoglobin, the pigment that gives blood its color and carries oxygen to it.

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