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Definition of stomatognathic system

by Alivia Nyhan
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The human body is a coordinated mechanism; all its parts work in unison, each with its particular objectives in search of a specific and common goal; to stay alive.

The body is divided into systems; these are the largest units that we recognize in the body and are the grouping of structures and organs that have the same physiological function.

The circulatory system is the arteries, capillaries, blood vessels, heart, and all the elements of the body that are responsible for carrying blood to all corners of the body, the urinary system is the one that performs the functions of eliminating waste from the body, but do you know what the stomatognathic system is?

In the following FastlyHealarticle, you will find the Definition of the stomatognathic system, as well as its functions and leading actors.

What is the stomatognathic system?

The stomatognathic system is the combination of all those structures, nervous system, and organs that have active participation in speech and the chewing and swallowing of food and drink; its location is in the craniofacial region, in the oral cavity. . In the beginning, it was called the masticatory system, however, because that name was partial since it is not limited only to the chewing functions, it is much more accurate to speak of the stomatognathic system.

Functions of the stomatognathic system

As we have seen previously, the stomatognathic system is a unit of organs, tissues, and structures that serve the body to perform different functions, but what are those? They could be divided into two, the primaries and the secondaries.

  • Among the primary functions, we find everything that has to do with chewing, drooling, swallowing, and monoarticular.
  • The secondary parts of the stomatognathic system are, on the one hand, breathing and, on the other, everything that has to do with posture and gesture.

Parts of the stomatognathic system

The stomatognathic system becomes a unit formed by different elements of an organism that work together and in a coordinated way; these are the main components of this system:

  • The lips serve to seal the mouth and are the first elements that make up the stomatomagnetic system. Its functions range from handling food while we eat to sucking the maternal breasts during breastfeeding and are essential for articulating words. Divided between the upper and lower lips, they are formed by a simple but skillful muscle covered with skin and with a mucous texture on the inside.
  • The tongue is an organ located inside the oral cavity. The taste glands are located, and it has salivary glands, making them essential for oral hydration, breaking food, swallowing, tasting, and language.
  • The teeth and jaws are mineralized tissue structures that begin to develop from embryonic life and begin to erupt in the first six months of life, which help the process of chewing food for good digestion. The tooth performs the first digestion stage and participates in oral communication.
  • The masticatory muscles are those muscle units and groups that intervene in the swallowing processes and have an active part in facial expression movements.
  • The orofacial bones: skull, jaw, hyoid, clavicle, and sternum
  • Temporomandibular and inalveolar joints
  • The surrounding tissues and nerves that control these structures

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