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Definition of micro dripper

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Micro-droppers are widely used in medicine and are usually part of the most common medical equipment. Informally, we could say that it is a cylinder, usually made of plastic, that contains some diluted medicine that is administered through the intravenous route, which is generally applied to people who require some treatment. At FastlyHealwe provide you with the Definition of a micro dripper.


The micro dripper is used to deliver relatively small precise amounts of intravenous solutions at a specific flow rate. Micro drippers are often used to produce small volumes of solution over long periods, so their use can be continuous. In the micro-dropper, 60 micro-drops are equivalent to 1 ml of solution.

Microgoteo vs Macrogoteo

Micro-drip or macro-drip will depend on each patient and the condition to be treated. To perform the drip calculation in the administration of intravenous fluids, the amount of solution to be infused must be taken into account, as well as the drip factor, that is, if it is micro-drip or macro-drip, in addition to the time to be applied.

  • Macro drip. They can administer doses greater than 75 milliliters per hour. (75ml / h).
  • Micro-drip. Infusion sets allow doses less than 50 milliliters per hour to be administered. (50ml / h).

How the drip calculation is performed

Nursing graduates are responsible for administering the correct dose of intravenous solutions. For this to be done successfully, it is necessary to apply a series of calculations taking into account the volumes, drips, schedules, and possible complications.

  • Volume = Drip per minute x constant x time in hours
  • Drip = Volume in milliliters / constant x time in hours.
  • Time = Volume in milliliters / drip per minute x constant.
  • Constant = Volume in milliliters / drip per minutes x time in hours.

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