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Definition of fenestration

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The term fenestration refers to the procedure by which an opening is made through a surgical procedure in the bone or other body organ. It is a surgical procedure where a hole is made from a cavity to the outside or another cavity. It is used chiefly in dental practices or inner ear surgeries, and at FastlyHealwe will talk to you about this term.

Dental fenestration

Fenestration is a procedure performed mainly in orthodontics, in cases where a tooth has not erupted, remaining included in the bone. Its severity varies, being of more importance in the circumstances in which it occurs in any canines. They guide the mouth in all its movements, and its extraction should be the last resort. Therefore, the objective of dental fenestration is to achieve the correct eruption of the tooth.

To check if there is a problem with the canine rash, it is advisable to do an orthopantomography. Definitive canines emerge around 13 years of age, so this is when it should be done.

Dental fenestration procedure

Both the maxillofacial surgeon and the orthodontist participate in dental fenestration. The first is the one that opens a hole in the gum, which is known as fenestration, and removes the bone along with the mucosa that blocks the eruption of the tooth so that the crown of the tooth is visible. It is a simple procedure that lasts 25 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.

When the stitches are removed after fenestration, a bracket is applied to the tooth that will facilitate the extraction of the tooth towards the surface, placing it in the place it should occupy.

Fenestration in the ear

Fenestration can also be used in the event of a hearing problem. In this case, a surgical procedure is performed by which an opening is made in a specific part of the ear. However, fenestration in this area is rarely used, and its use is more frequent in dental procedures.

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