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Definition of hymeneal caruncle

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is tough to break popular beliefs and traditional legends because even if you give reasons and explain things repeatedly, there will always be someone willing to believe what they have heard and what has always been said.

Everything that has to do with a woman’s sexuality and her body is a generator of legends and myths that most of the time is not even remotely true and others that are not entirely true.

For many years the hymen has been an almost spiritual concept about which little was known and what was said was not valid. The hymen, as a synonym of virginity, of purity, has been a macho invention that has condemned many women to live in shame and fear. In the following FastlyHealarticle, we will break some of these myths about the hymen taking advantage of the fact that we will give you the Definition of hymenal caruncle.

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What is the hymen

The hymen is a kind of ring of tissue that surrounds the entrance to the vagina. It generally has an opening, which allows blood to escape during menstruation. However, there are some exceptional cases where this opening is totally or partially closed. These rare cases, resolved with minor surgery, are usually diagnosed after birth, although they can also be diagnosed during puberty.

The hymen is a fragile, elastic tissue a few millimeters thick. Contrary to what is used to believe, depending on the relationship between the thickness and elasticity of the hymen, it may be the case that the woman can have sexual intercourse without the hymen breaking and that she does not do so until the birth of the first child. In most cases, it is not so elastic, and it tends to break with the first intercourse with penetration. However, it is not uncommon for a woman to reach the first relationship with a torn hymen. Physical exercise, riding a bicycle, or any other activity can cause a hymen rupture without having practiced intercourse and at any age.

It is usual that with the rupture of the hymen, there is slight bleeding that stops by itself, although it does not always pass, and the hymen can break without any trace of blood that indicates it. Once broken, the remains of the hymen heal in the area where it was torn, leaving remains called hymenal caruncles.

What is the hymeneal caruncle?

When the hymen ruptures, either by penetration, by childbirth, or by any other activity, its remains become irregular projections of normal skin around the vaginal introitus; the torn hymen ends in the healing of small fragments that, in the vast majority of the cases are of no importance or annoyance. These pieces of scarred skin are called hymeneal caruncles.

Yes, it can happen, although very infrequently, when the hymen is very thick and not very elastic, that the hymenal caruncles do not allow sexual intercourse, so the caruncles should be removed through a minor surgical intervention.

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