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Definition of diadochokinesis

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Diadochokinesis is the ability to perform voluntary coordinating movements alternately in opposite directions through flexion and extension. When there is an inability to execute rapid contrasting movements repeatedly, one suffers from adiadococinesa, in which there is a lack of coordination of activities. At FastlyHealwe provide you with the Definition of diadochokinesis.


Average ability of the muscles to alternately move a limb in opposite directions by flexion and extension.

The diadocokinesis comes from the Greek diádochos, which happens, and kinésis, movement. Diadochokinesis is the ability to rapidly and successively execute specific actions, such as alternate pronation and supination of the wrist. This function is altered in the cerebellar and in plaque sclerosis.

Diadochokinesis exploration

To verify that a person has regular coordination of their movements, a series of tests can be performed:

  • Puppet test . With the elbows flexed at 90 degrees, we ask the patient to be prone and suppose alternately in both arms and with different speeds.
  • Test the opposition of the thumb to the other fingers. Successively, quickly and in order, with each hand separately and then simultaneously, thus evaluating cerebellar function.
  • Index-nose test . The patient extends his arm with his eyes closed and, keeping the arm raised in a horizontal position, directs the index finger to the tip of the nose. It is done first with one hand and then with the other. Some propose to do it first with eyes open and then with eyes closed to compare both situations. It begins with smooth movements and is repeated more quickly.
  • Big toe test . The patient should touch the floor as quickly as possible with the big toe pad.
  • Heel-knee test . The patient in the dorsal decubitus is made to touch the knee of the other leg with his son. The heel should slide across the anterior aspect of the tibia to the ankle. Then it would help if you repeated the same in the opposite direction. The test is performed on each limb with the eyes open and the eyes closed.

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