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Tomato properties for the skin

by Alivia Nyhan
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It has often been spoken of the properties of tomato for the skin, especially in the treatments against acne, but what is true among so many urban legends?. This fruit that many people think is a vegetable has been shown to help reduce cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, and even some forms of cancer, taken regularly, but what are the properties of tomato for the skin?

In the following FastlyHealarticle, we will explain what its composition is to be able to decipher what benefits your body derives from doing treatments with tomatoes.

Tomato benefits the skin.

In the composition of the tomato, we find a very high percentage of nutrients that can be very beneficial to keep your skin cared for. Among these nutrients, there are vitamin Cvitamin A, different proteins and, above all, lycopene. Lycopene , which is what gives tomato that distinctive red hue, is a carotenoid that acts against free radicals due to its great antioxidant effect.

Lightens the skin

In your usual beauty treatments you can include tomato, as it can help lighten your skin tone without the aggressiveness of cosmetic products and in a much more natural way. The tomato transforms the dull tone of the skin, giving it a much more youthful appearance, helping to remove stains and lighten the marks of time.

Fight oily skin

Applied directly to the skin, tomato pulp is an excellent remedy for oily skin, as it is capable of acting on the sebaceous glands that cause excess oil to penetrate the pores and improve the appearance of the skin.

Total cleanliness

Rubbing the tomato on your face in circular motions is a great way to remove dirt that accumulates in the pores and clean the dermis of any dead cells.

Calms irritation

The properties of tomato for the skin are not only aesthetic, but also help fight some of the symptoms of atopic skin and irritation. Due to the acidity of this fruit, the tomato helps you regulate the pH of your skin, relieving skin irritation.

Close the pores

Pores, when they are open or too large, encourage dirt to accumulate inside them, which can lead to unsightly blackheads and can cause infections.

The tomato has a natural astringent effect , causing the pores to shrink, thus making it difficult for dirt to accumulate in them.

Against burns

The antioxidants in tomato are a great remedy to soothe the symptoms caused by sunburn. The effect of antioxidants helps repair dead and damaged cells in the dermis , speeding up their recovery. In addition, recent studies have shown that those who consume tomatoes on a regular basis develop a greater resistance to the effects of sunlight.

Rejuvenates the skin

Over the years, our body has a harder time producing collagen , a protein whose absence is one of the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles and lines derived from aging. The point is that the tomato stimulates the creation of collagen, by which thing, it helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin , preventing the appearance of wrinkles and keeping it firmer and healthier.

How to use tomato for skin

Once we have discovered all the benefits of tomato for the skin, it is time to ask yourself how to use it. The truth is that there are different ways, so we must choose one or the other depending on the function we want to fulfill. Here we explain how to use tomato for different aesthetic treatments:

  • Obviously, the first way to take advantage of the benefits of tomato is by introducing it into our diet . In this way, not only the skin benefits from its properties, but the entire organism can be nourished by all its qualities.
  • To clean the pores, do facelifts or to reduce acne breakouts, the best way is to cut the tomato into slices and apply them to the face with slight pressure, rubbing the skin with circular movements so that the pores open and the tomato can penetrate . Once the massage is done, the tomato should be allowed to rest on the face for 10 minutes, to later wash it with cold water.
  • Another option is to make yourself a homemade tomato mask . To make it, empty the pulp of a tomato with a spoon and mix it with a splash of milk, with a small avocado or with a little honey. Once the paste is mixed and created, cover your face with it and let it rest for 20 minutes.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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