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Why do ulcers appear on the cervix

by Alivia Nyhan
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ulcers appear on the cervix

ulcers appear on the cervixA widespread examination that all women must undergo is the well-known Pap smear or vaginal cytology so that a specialist can observe how healthy the female reproductive system is. On many occasions, women can be scared since it is common for the specialist to comment on a wound or ulcer in the cervix, so it is necessary to perform a biopsy or cauterization to know if it has a malignant origin or not…

The cervix is ​​located in the upper part of the vagina and is considered the end of the womb. In other words, it is located at the point where the vagina and uterus meet, so it is made up of muscle fibers, and its size or shape can vary between each woman. As injuries in this sector are widespread, you may wonder why ulcers appear on the cervix. We advise you to read the following FastlyHealarticle and consult a professional to resolve this question.

Ulcer on the cervix: symptoms

The symptoms of ulcers in the cervix of the womb can be similar to other conditions related to the intimate part of the woman. Therefore, it is essential to go immediately to the medical center to carry out pertinent tests, and the alteration is diagnosed. Some of the symptoms that could be indicating the presence of lesions on the cervix are:

  • Increase vaginal discharge.
  • The discharge from the vagina has a much more pungent smell than usual.
  • Abdominal pain is suffered.
  • You have a feeling of irritation in the area.
  • Some blood loss occurs between each menstrual cycle.
  • There is discomfort and sometimes bleeding when having sexual intercourse.

Ulcer on the cervix: symptoms

Excessive vaginal hygiene is a cause of ulcers in the cervix.

Personal hygiene is essential to most women, and vaginal baths are often performed incorrectly so that ulcers can form on the cervix. Thus. Due to these events, women must seek information and contact a specialist to learn the most appropriate way to perform hygiene in private parts.

If a woman washes her genitals abundantly with soap and water, the opposite effects to those sought may occur, and the area can be injured. The same can happen when washing is carried out abruptly, which eliminates vaginal mucus and, at the same time, all the elements that the body generates to defend itself from external threats, such as germs that cause infections.

Injuries to the cervix due to the placement of external elements

Many women inappropriately insert some external elements into their vagina, for example, tampons. Mainly during, adolescents, who are learning to know their body, are ashamed to ask and find out the correct way to use a tampon, so their placement is incorrect.

Inserting external elements into the vagina inappropriately can cause constant friction on the cervix that generates irritation in the area, and the famous ulcers are detected. Despite this, a person can tell when a tampon is not inserted correctly, as they must feel constant pain or discomfort.

Ulcers on the cervix from vaginal infection

Vaginal infections are an increasingly common disorder in women regardless of age. This may be because it is a sensitive area exposed to various viruses and bacteria, mainly when you go to public bathrooms, or there is no proper hygiene in the places where the vagina could contact infectious agents.

One of the most common infections is vaginal candidiasis. However, you can also suffer disorders in the area for long periods that irritate the affected area, dry it out and contaminate, causing the appearance of ulcers.

Using chemicals affects the health of the cervix.

Women usually use a large number of chemical products such as creams, lubricants, or spermicides without knowing that this can cause an injury to the genitals, so it is essential to consult with a specialist about the best option for each woman when she requires the use of creams or lubricants in that area of ​​the body.

Chemical products can be harmful or damage the elements responsible for the body’s protection, causing a dry vagina, irritating the walls of the intimate areas, or infecting the mucous membranes in the area.

Trichomonas vaginalis can cause wounds to the cervix.

These are parasites acquired through sexual intercourse and can affect both men and women. These infectious organisms can be disposed of naturally or require a traditional treatment indicated by a professional, so it is essential to see a doctor when their existence is suspected.

If these parasites remain in the body and the patient is not followed up correctly with a trusted professional, ulcers will appear on the cervix and more severe ailments such as papilloma, increasing the chances of developing uterine cancer.

We show more information about this STD in the article Trichomoniasis: symptoms and treatment.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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