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Wheat germ oil for hair: properties and how to use it

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A product of vegetable origin is known as wheat germ oil, which is obtained from a tiny embryo located inside the wheat, more specifically its grain. Its most striking feature is its dark color while offering a mild nutty aroma. In addition, this type of oil is rich in numerous essential nutrients, which is why it is widely used for different disorders that alter health and cosmetics, mainly for hair.

It is so effective that various brands incorporate it into their products that promise beautiful skin and beautiful, healthy hair. If you do not know all the benefits, we recommend that you read the following FastlyHealarticle about wheat germ oil for hair: properties and how to use it.

Wheat germ oil for hair loss

One of the properties of wheat germ oil for hair is that its application on the scalp can help healthy growth, so it is highly recommended for people who suffer difficulties in developing the same or alterations that cause excessive hair loss, such as alopecia.

This characteristic is because wheat germ oil offers a large amount of B complex vitamins, which are essential in tissue formation and cell growth, as it helps to stimulate them. In addition, it has proteins that strengthen hair follicles and fibers, making it ideal for those who suffer from alterations that cause their weakening.

Moisturizes and adds shine to hair

The essential fatty acids that wheat germ oil has and a large amount of vitamin E help regulate the production of oils in the scalp, keeping hair shiny, healthy, and voluminous. Likewise, the healthy fats in this product easily penetrate the scalp to keep it hydrated.

In addition, its antioxidants stop the damage caused by free radicals, which reduces the pH imbalance that causes dry hair. So this product is perfect, not only for keeping your hair healthy but also for looking great.

Natural hair conditioner

Wheat germ oil has a very smooth texture and a potent concentration of essential nutrients that make it a natural conditioner, even with the ability to replace the many commercial products that the market offers.

Opting for wheat germ oil as a conditioner and being cheaper than other products on the market provides more benefits since, many times, the chemicals that commercial conditioners have can cause side effects on the hair and not leave it as good as the natural option.

Fight frizz and split ends.

Due to the properties of wheat germ oil for the hair that hydrates and seals the hair fibers, this product becomes an excellent option for those who suffer from this unsightly frizz that can ruin the hairstyle of many people.

Likewise, vitamins B and E, together with the linoleic acid that this type of oil contains, make it a natural treatment to repair the various damages in the hair fibers, which could result in multiple disorders such as split ends.

Take care of the scalp.

Another of the great benefits of wheat germ oil for hair is its scalp protection. Thanks to its rich content of vitamin E, proteins, and essential fatty acids, nutrients that intervene in pH regulation and the elimination of dead cells are retained on the surface.

In the same way, wheat germ oil helps to oxygenate the area and the cells of the room, transporting nutrients that can help considerably to keep the hair in good condition. At the same time, this product has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent dandruff, bacteria, and other disorders that can damage the scalp.

How to use wheat germ oil for hair

Treatment with wheat germ oil for hair is straightforward, and you can find the product in health food or cosmetic stores. Depending on the condition you want to correct in your hair, you must decide on the amount to use, although it should not be excessive so that it is not difficult to rinse it. Likewise, applying it from the roots to the ends is advisable, but you can choose only to use it on the ends or another specific area.

To begin with, you have to wash your hair as you usually do and dry it a bit, and then apply the oil by giving light massages all over it, especially in the area that you consider most important to restore. It would be best to let it act as long as possible, which is why it might be more recommended to do the remedy with wheat germ oil at night to rinse it with plenty of water in the morning. However, this product leaves a pleasant appearance and aroma, so It can also be applied during the day.

Wheat germ hair mask

Another way to use wheat germ oil is to mix it with other ingredients, usually oils that provide equal protection for your hair, such as coconut oil. The mask is prepared with the same proportion of the fats and applied directly as in the previous case, giving gentle massages. You can rinse it one hour after letting it act and repeat the procedure once a week.

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