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Properties of sage for hair

by Alivia Nyhan
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Sage, which is one of the most well-known and used medicinal plants throughout the world, has a large number of very beneficial properties for people. Among all its contributions, it stands out that it strengthens the gums, fights both insomnia and bad breath, reduces sweating , eliminates acidity and heals wounds.

On the other hand, it is an excellent ally to keep hair healthy and looking great. It helps to stop hair loss, eliminates dandruff, gives hair strength, shine and softness, as well as having a natural dye that can be a good alternative for those who use commercial dyes that could damage the hair if applied for a long time. by the chemicals they contain. If you do not know everything that this herb offers, at FastlyHealwe detail the properties of sage for hair.

Prevents oxidation of the hair and gives it strength

Among the properties of sage for hair, its contribution of antioxidants stands out, which prevents oxidation of the hair and provides strength and resistance to the hair fiber. This can be achieved more effectively if you mix sage with other herbs such as rosemary or thyme.

To do this, you must make an infusion with the sage leaves and combine it with any of the herbs mentioned above. Then let it boil for about 5 minutes and strain it. When it cools down, use the result when you finish washing your hair normally and leave it without rinsing.

Eliminate dandruff

Another of the hair benefits that sage provides is that it helps fight scalp problems such as dandruff , since the flavonoids it contains give it antifungal properties. Although there are numerous products that ensure the same result, sage is an excellent natural option that is very effective for the elimination of this condition.

You have to mix 5 drops of sage oil with a small teaspoon of almond oil. When you are washing your hair regularly, you can place this mixture on your head at the end and gently massage your scalp with circular movements to notice great results in a short time.

Cover gray hair using sage

The vast majority of people have gray hair and many, especially women, worry that they are not so noticeable. Therefore, they use numerous chemical products to cover them, which can become very harmful to the hair over time. Sage is an excellent natural option, since it mainly helps to cover the first gray hairs thanks to its properties.

You can heat half a cup of the sage plant for 30 minutes and let it steep for 4 hours. Then, apply on your hair and let it act according to the result you want. If you expect light hair, you can leave it for half an hour, while if you want it to be darker, you have to leave it for longer. However, it is important that you test a single strand of your hair first. You have to do this remedy several times a week until you get the result you are looking for, and then do it only once a month.

Provides shine and vitality to hair

Thanks to the properties of sage for hair, especially for its essential oil, it is an ideal option if you want your hair to look shiny and with vitality. Again, there are several commercial products that can help you with this; however, natural options like sage are always the best, as they do not use any type of chemicals.

It is as simple as making a sage infusion and letting it steep for an hour. Once this time has passed and you make sure it is at room temperature, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which also has numerous benefits for hair health . Next, apply to your hair and let it act for 30 minutes and then rinse properly.

Sage promotes hair growth

Wearing long hair and not suffering from excessive hair loss is the desire of many people, and this can be achieved by using sage, since the properties of sage for hair loss are very powerful. This benefit is mainly due to components such as rosmarinic acid and camphor oil, which promote blood circulation in the scalp and in turn stimulate the hair follicle so that the hair grows faster.

The preparation of a sage rinse is very easy, the first step is to boil half a liter of water and this should be poured into a container that contains 1/2 cup of sage leaves. Let it sit until it cools down and then strain it to remove the leaves. This rinse should be applied when you finish washing your hair normally, gently massaging the entire scalp for a few minutes. You can also add rosemary in the same amount as sage and follow the same procedure for better results.

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