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Vitacilin: what it is for, ingredients and uses

by Alivia Nyhan
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The Vitacilina is a medicine that comes in presenting cream for topical use. This legendary product originated in Mexico in the 1920s and its creator is a Japanese who lives in that country. It is one of those ancient drugs that have persisted over time for its excellent properties and benefits.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we explain what Vitacilin is for , what are its “secret” ingredients and what are all its uses, as well as properties and benefits.

Vitacillin: what it is for and uses

From the formal point of view (what is reported in the leaflet and on the product’s website), the uses of Vitacilin are the eight that we indicate below. Therefore, we can point out that Vitacilina cream is used to treat:

1. Bacterial infections

The skin is our largest organ and constitutes the body’s first defense barrier. On a regular basis, our skin presents on its surface a large number of bacteria with which we coexist. However, in certain circumstances, this balance can be modified and bacterial infections occur, on which Vitacilin would have an action preventing and treating them thanks, especially, to the neomycin sulfate it contains, which is a good aminoglycoside antibiotic.

2. Eczema o eccema

Dermatologists call eczema to any inflammatory process that involves the different layers of the skin. It is also called dermatitis and this name is preferred by many, since it makes clear the inflammatory background that exists at the level of the skin.There are three types of dermatitis:

  1. Atopic: mediated by allergic processes.
  2. Seborrheic: in which there is scaling or scaly lesions, mainly of the scalp.
  3. Contact: produced by contact with irritant substances for our skin.

For any of them, Vitacilin is effective.

3. Vitacillin for acne

Acne can come in many forms. The traditional and benign form is pimples , which occur when the channel of the follicle through which the corresponding sebaceous gland drains becomes blocked. Excess keratin builds up and pimple occurs.

When the affected follicle is closed, the accumulation of its interior is white, called white point. When it is opened, the accumulated fat oxidizes and turns into a black dot. Once these accumulations of material become high, increase in size and take on a reddish color (and they hurt), they are called pimples.

Another of the most effective uses of Vitacilin is to fight acne, as it helps to eliminate the germs that cause the appearance of pimples and pimples and, in addition, it favors the exfoliation of the skin and its subsequent recovery.

4. Folliculitis

Each hair on our body emerges through the corresponding “hair follicle”. Folliculitis is the infection that occurs in the outer part of a hair follicle , occupying only the first layer of the skin.

Characteristically, small accumulations of pus form in the “mouth” of the follicle, without affecting its interior.

Vitacilin is also effective in these cases.

5. Furunculosis

It is called furunculosis to the infection that occurs in the inside of a hair follicle. It is the progression of folliculitis, when it is not treated properly and on time.

When furunculosis is caused by Staphylococcus aureus (a very aggressive and difficult to treat bacteria), it is called Anthrax. Fighting furunculosis would be another use of Vitacilin.

6. Secondary infected dermatoses

Dermatosis is the generic term used by dermatologists to refer to all the diseases that affect our skin. The most common of all: acne.

In this case, we are talking about any form of dermatosis (including acne) that has been secondarily infected, and Vitacilin would act on these.

7. Vitacilin for minor burns and wounds

Minor burns and wounds (scrapes, cuts, etc.) cause loss of the most superficial layers of the skin, leaving us exposed to and susceptible to damage by bacteria found in the environment.

8. Ulcers

The deepest lesions of the skin where the three layers that form it are compromised are called ulcers. They have the particularity that they expose the skin in its entirety to attack by any type of germ and leave us exposed to its effects.

In these last two cases, Vitacilin would also have action and use.

Vitacilin ingredients

Vitacilin is a product that combines these two ingredients:


Retinol or retinoic acid (a type of Vitamin A) is a compound of the retinoid family. This type of compound has the property of increasing the cell multiplication process.

When used on the skin, they promote exfoliation (elimination of dead cells that remain on the surface) and induce the reproduction of keratinocytes , which are the cells that produce the protective layer.


Neomycin (or Neomycin sulfate) is a potent antibiotic of the aminoglycoside type. This group of antibiotics have a special predilection for bacteria that cause alteration at the level of our skin and attack it.

It is absorbed extremely quickly through skin that has lost its continuity, such as skin with burns or ulcers, preventing their infection.

Other uses of Vitacilin

Even though the manufacturer does not include them within its spectrum of action, traditionally, three other “unofficial” uses of Vitacillin are promoted. These are the following:

Vitacilin for dark circles

The skin around the eye is extremely sensitive and delicate. When we don’t sleep properly or stay up late, we usually wake up with dark circles, those unsightly bulges under the lower eyelid that give us away.

Vitacilin is attributed the property of moisturizing these areas and quickly reducing dark circles, improving our general appearance.

In the following article, you can see effective home remedies to eliminate dark circles .

Vitacillin for wrinkles

The Retinol contained in Vitacilin is attributed the property of fighting wrinkles. Like all retinoids, this one also has the property of exfoliating and increasing the reproduction of cells that produce keratin.

Those who have given this use to Vitacilin claim to have seen how the product not only prevents the appearance of wrinkles, but also makes existing ones disappear.

Vitacillin for stretch marks

Stretch marks are formed by the breakdown of the collagen bridges that join the cells of our skin when undergoing excessive “stretching” processes, as happens when we gain weight very quickly and then lose weight quickly. The skin is not given time to adjust to these changes and scars remain in the areas that were subjected to stretching.

Perhaps because of Retinol itself, another of the benefits of Vitacilin mentioned is that it contributes to almost completely disappear the presence of stretch marks , allows the appearance of new cells and stimulates the formation of new, more flexible collagen bridges.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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