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Remove pimples naturally

by Alivia Nyhan
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Many people suffer from pimples on the face. This happens because there is an excess of oil that our sebaceous glands secrete; This excess causes the pores to become clogged and creates a protective layer that looks like blackheads. This type of skin condition produces unsightly marks on the skin that can be easily removed with different home treatments that are very simple to apply.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we will show you different methods to eliminate pimples naturally, that is, using natural products that help take care of your skin and improve its appearance.

Home remedies to remove pimples

To treat pimples, you can help yourself with some components that have natural ingredients, such as lemon, aloe, rice, or mint. Below we detail them in a specific way so that you know how to take advantage of their properties:

  • Lemon juice

This fruit contains disinfectant properties that will help cleanse your face in depth by removing clogged pores. In addition, it also reduces skin fat due to its astringent properties.

So, to make the most of these benefits, you have to squeeze half a natural lemon and moisten a cotton ball in its juice. Apply it to the skin area where the pimples abound and leave it to act overnight. In the morning, rinse with warm water and repeat this treatment daily to notice the effects of the lemon.

  • aloe vera the sable

Aloe vera is a plant that contains healing properties that help repair the skin and restore damaged cells; for this reason, it is one of the most used remedies to combat scars or stretch marks, and, in this case, it will also be perfect for pimples.

To take advantage of its benefits, you can do it in different ways: the most natural is to directly take advantage of the pulp that is present when you cut an aloe leaf and apply it now to the area; then let it act for 15 minutes and repeat the treatment three times a week. If you don’t have the plant at home, you can go to any natural products store and get an aloe vera gel.

  • Rice water

Rice is a cereal rich in inositol, a derivative of vitamin B that helps cells breathe better and delays skin aging. This component also activates blood flow, making your face look more refined, fat-free, and toned.

To take advantage of these benefits, it is best to put a handful of rice to boil and, when about 15 or 20 minutes have passed, you must turn off the heat and strain the rice but, unlike how we do when we prepare our recipes, in this At the moment we will save the rice water. The food can be reserved for other tasks.

Soak a cotton ball in this water and spread it over the areas with pimples, let it dry completely on your skin (you will feel how tight it is), and then wash and moisturize as you usually do. Repeating this treatment two times a week, little by little, you will see results.

  • Mint leaves

Peppermint is also another home remedy for pimples since it manages to stop the impact of spots on the skin. It contains properties that naturally cool the cells, which relieves both the redness and the swelling that has arisen as a result of the pimple.

To take advantage of these effects on your skin, you have different treatments: the first consists of preparing a mint infusion and, when it is ready, wet a cotton ball and apply it to the areas to be treated; The second treatment consists of acquiring essential oil in a natural products store and applying it to your face. It would help to let the mint act on your skin for about 30 minutes and then repeat the treatment two times a week. You will notice the difference!

Caring for a skin with pimples

In addition to these products that we have just recommended, if you tend to suffer from pimples, it is essential that you also take care of your face in a specific way. Oily skin prone to acne requires particular care that will help you improve its appearance and keep dirt and clogged pores at bay. For this reason, products with which you wipe your face every day must be free of oil ( “oil-free”) and moisturizers and makeup that you apply to you.

You must carry out a cleansing routine two times a day (morning and night) in which you thoroughly cleanse the skin and hydrate it with your cream. By cleaning, you will be able to eliminate the excess oil that your skin has produced and extract any impurity that may cause a new pimple or pimple to appear over the hours.

In addition to this, it is also essential that you exfoliate your face two times a week to deeply cleanse the pores and prevent dead cells from inducing new pimples. After exfoliating, you need to apply an astringent toner to make the cleaning deeper, and your skin relaxed.

It is also essential that, if you usually have pimples on your face, you avoid direct contact with your hands. Remember that as the day goes by, bacteria accumulate on your hands, and if you touch your face a lot, they will end up on your skin. For this same reason, you mustn’t pop pimples or pimples directly with your hands as it can cause a mark to remain on your skin that will be very difficult to erase. In addition, you can also make bacteria from your hands penetrate the inside of the skin, making it look worse.

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This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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