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Benefits of relationships during pregnancy

by Alivia Nyhan
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Pregnancy is one of the physical conditions and moments in a woman’s life that arouses the most fears and doubts. It is common to hear certain legends and myths that are passed through the mouth and instill fears that often do not make sense. The case of sex in pregnancy is one of the clearest since it costs nothing to find people who defend that this is bad for the future baby. In the vast majority of cases, relationships during pregnancy are not only not harmful but also beneficial.

Even in the final stages of pregnancy, when there is no risk and if the doctor does not contraindicate it, you can have intercourse while pregnant. Do you want to know what happens in your body when you have sex? Keep reading this FastlyHealarticle and learn the benefits of sexual intercourse during pregnancy and everything you need to know about intercourse during pregnancy.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

Unite the couple

Sexual relations are one of the main tools humans have to strengthen bonds. At such an important moment in your life, in which a new world and a horizon to explore opens up for you, the union of the couple and the desire to stay together as a family will be vital to overcome the possible problems that may arise.

In these months of illusion, sex is another way to unite and feel close to the adventure that is to come.

Better orgasms

During pregnancy, the woman suffers a real hormonal explosion; in fact, the blood flow in women can grow by up to 50%, and this increase occurs mainly in the pelvic region. Let’s take into account that the irrigation of that area – where the sexual organs are located – determines the intensity and ease of reaching orgasms. We will conclude that pregnancy is the best time to have more intense orgasms and pleasant.

It helps to sleep

Every woman who has been through pregnancy will know that one of the most challenging times of the day is lying in bed and falling asleep. Finding proper posture and some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy make it often difficult to close your eyes and drift off to sleep. For its part, sex is one of the most potent muscle relaxants that we have at our fingertips. In addition, it makes us secrete hormones dedicated to sleep so that we will fall asleep much more quickly.

Improves mood

But we not only produce sleep hormones, but another of the triggers of an intimate session is also the release of endorphins – known as the hormones of happiness – a natural substance that improves our mood and puts evil aside: humor and worries.

Pleasant for the baby

Do not think wrong; the baby does not intervene in the act at any time. However, it has a great relationship with what happens to the mother. The fact is that the large production of endorphins during the act also affects the baby. These substances pass to the fetus through the umbilical cord, causing their stress levels to drop and their sense of pleasure to increase.

Less painful contractions

Contractions not only occur at the time of delivery but before birth, especially in the previous days; the woman can already begin to feel how her body is preparing to give way to the child. On the other hand, sexual relations are great activators of specific receptors located in the brain that reduce pain signals, making them less intense.

Of course, in no case is it recommended to have sex once the woman has broken her water; at this time, it could cause an infection that would be dangerous.

Facilitates the birth

At this point, it would be possible to put a quotation mark because the reality is that the studies that have been done in this regard show certain contradictions in this regard, and it is not possible for us to give a 100% sure answer. However, it is true that in sperm, we can find prostaglandins, hormones that are also used medically to induce labor. So, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy, having sex can help speed up the birth process. In the same way, when a woman has sex -when she reaches orgasm- she releases oxytocin, which causes uterine contractions that can facilitate the labor of delivery in the final stages of pregnancy.

Faster postpartum recovery

But the benefits of relationships during pregnancy are not only noticed during this phase; their consequences can be seen even after giving birth. It is necessary to know that a pelvic floor is a group of muscles whose function is to support the bladder. Sex is one of the best ways to exercise and keep these muscles in shape, and having a toned pelvic floor is especially important when giving birth and recovering more quickly after giving birth.

Why It Is Good To Have Sex While Pregnant

As we explain in the following article, the lack of sexual desire during pregnancy is quite common, especially during the first month of pregnancy. However, without trying to force anyone, you should know that having sex during pregnancy can become a most pleasant experience.

As we have already explained in the previous section, blood flow increases in the female genital area, which causes women to have much more ease, tendency, and power in orgasm. In the same way, the amount of vaginal discharge that is secreted is also increased, which makes lubrication better and allows intercourse more easily.

An important aspect that helps to improve the quality of relationships is the psychological one. It is also true that this occurs when pregnancy is being sought. Still, it is unnecessary to use any contraceptive method that makes the couple much more expressive, only pending the pleasure. At this point, it must be emphasized that in the case of having risky sexual relations or not having a regular partner, in no case should one have intercourse without a condom.

Estrogens are also something that can facilitate pleasure in intimate encounters. An example of this is the changes in the female body; beyond the apparent belly, parts such as the breasts also grow, which can trigger fantasies between the couple.

In summary, as you have seen, relationships in pregnancy are not only not something to avoid, but it is an act that can bring us countless benefits and that it is always good to take advantage of. If you still have any questions, we recommend that you consult your gynecologist and that they give you the guidelines to maintain safety at all times.

Sexual desire in pregnancy

Each person is from a different world, and individual experiences are very different. However, you can approximate what is usually more common regarding libido during pregnancy. What is undeniable is that the hormonal changes that occur during this time cause the desire to maintain relationships also vary. Some women say that their sexual desire is increased. However, the most common is that the desire is less. Perhaps the most appropriate summary would be to say that depending on how the woman feels during a specific stage of pregnancy, her passion will be greater or less.

Lack of desire during pregnancy

You should not feel bad if you lack desire during pregnancy, are exhausted, do not feel well, or have irritable moods; it is expected that you do not feel like making love. This is usually very common during the first month of pregnancy when the upcoming changes can leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. However, it is usual that as the pregnancy progresses, the desire reappears around the third trimester when the fatigue normalizes.

Despite this increase, when the third trimester and the closer the delivery date gets, it is common for sexual desire to decrease again. Making love eight months pregnant, with all that it implies of fatigue, difficulties moving, and worries, is not the same as during the second trimester. With this in mind, communication between the couple is essential, talking about what you feel and the changes in your body. Many women go through a time of rejection of their bodies due to the shame caused by their differences. Talking to and leaning on your partner can be a great way to regain that trust.

Desire in man

The reality is that the vast majority of men find that, while pregnant, their wife is just as or more attractive. This does not mean that for others, it is not so. The reality is that pregnancy is also a time of change and concern for men. Responsibility, anxiety, and worries about the future can also affect your sex drive.

On the other hand, many men believe that penetration during pregnancy can cause some harm to the fetus. As we have already taken care of explaining to you throughout this article, that is not true, so you can reassure your partner about this aspect by talking about the benefits of relationships.

In the following FastlyHealarticle, we discuss the lack of sexual desire during pregnancy.

Precautions for relationships while pregnant

There are several things a woman can worry about sex during pregnancy, about the things that can and cannot be done. Oral sex is usually one of these things that can be upsetting, so we’ll talk specifically about it. In general, oral sex during pregnancy is safe; you should only avoid blowing into the vaginal cavity since, although it is not usual, it could cause an embolism.

On the other hand, there are cases where oral sex should be avoided. One of them is when the couple has or has ever had cold sores in their life. It does not matter if at that time you do not have sores; the virus can be latent and infect the mother and baby.

You also need to ensure that your partner does not have HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. If this is the case, or if you do not know for sure, it is better to refrain from having any relationship and, if not, always use a condom.

Relationships during high-risk pregnancy: contraindications

As we have already explained, relationships in pregnancy are usually positive. However, there are some instances in which, either because the uterus needs to rest or because there is a threat to the health of the baby -such as the risk of spontaneous abortion. or the previous rupture of the placenta or the amniotic bag -, that the couple must refrain from having intercourse with penetration.

High-risk pregnancies in which sex is contraindicated include the following:


If there is a risk of early abortion, it is advisable to rest the uterus and refrain from having intercourse. Many people believe that this contraindication is due to the position used or that the fetus may be harmed during intercourse. The reality is different since when the woman experiences an orgasm, her body causes a series of contractions that could precipitate abortion in these high-risk cases.

Second and third trimester

As in the first, if there is a possible risk of premature birth, it is recommended to refrain from having intercourse. Similarly, it is not recommended if there is a risk of rupture or previous amniotic sac rupture. In this case, the possibility of infection must be prevented by antibiotic treatment.

Postures to make love pregnant

As you can imagine, intimate encounters during pregnancy have certain handicaps that must be overcome. The main one is the belly, making it uncomfortable and impossible to maintain specific postures. That is why we want to explain to you what are the best positions to make love pregnant :

The missionary

It is the most classic posture and the most practiced in the whole world. The woman must lie on her back with her legs apart while the man is on top of her. This position is straightforward during the first trimester of pregnancy; however, as the belly grows, it is possible that if the man is not agile enough, the woman will have a feeling that her stomach is crushed. At this point, it may be better to opt for one of the following positions that we will explain to you.


Both on their side, in the posture popularly known as “the little spoon.” The woman has to lie on one side, spreading her legs or flexing them slightly, while the partner penetrates her from behind. This position is very comfortable when she is already in advanced pregnancy, as it allows her to eliminate the problem of the belly, unloading the force on the side. On the other hand, one of the problems entails that the penetration is not very deep, and it is somewhat expensive to prolong it over time.

The woman on top

Finally, the couple can choose to take the reins and sit open-legged on the man’s pelvis, who must lie on the bed on his back. This is a position widely used in pregnancy since the stimulation for both is complete; it does not generate any problem for the belly. The counterpart is similar to that of the previous position and is that with the passage of minutes, the woman can get tired.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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