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Know the habits that most damage your health

by Alivia Nyhan
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Day by day we follow life habits that can be very harmful to our health. Since we are little, human beings get used to a way of life that is stipulated by the education of our parents or by our environment and that can be harmful to our future. Changing these habits can be difficult to carry out but, nevertheless, it will be the most beneficial for your health since you will bet on a healthier life by removing from your life those vices that can affect our health in a serious way and dangerous. Learn about the 5 habits that most damage your health in this FastlyHealarticle where, in addition, we will give you some tips to be able to change them and opt for a healthier life.

Having a sedentary life is more harmful than you think

One of the 5 most unhealthy habits is not exercising . Having a sedentary life in which all you do is go from home to work and from work to home is very harmful for the health of our muscles, the cardiovascular system and, also, for mental health.

Physical exercise is essential to be able to have a healthy life since it helps us to improve the functioning of our body in general and, in addition, it makes us stay stronger, thus avoiding premature aging of the organs and joints. In addition to this, it is known that when we do sports our body releases endorphins , the well-known “happiness hormones” that are the cause of well-being and suppressors of pain, therefore, we will be in better spirits and we will feel much more relaxed and satisfied emotionally. . And if in addition to playing sports, we take into account a series of strange but useful health tips, the change will be remarkable.

To be able to exercise in a healthy way, you should keep these tips in mind:

Train 3 to 5 times a week

It is the recommended range to be able to enjoy a healthy body, feel the benefits of sport and, also, avoid muscle overload. Keep in mind that if you only go to the gym for 2 days, your body hardly feels the physical exercise and, therefore, it is almost as if you were doing nothing; The same happens on the contrary, if you go more than 5 days you overload your body, you do not allow the tissues to recover or your body to assimilate correctly the exercise you are doing.

Combine cardio with strength

Cardiovascular exercises, such as running, cycling or aerobics, are recommended to activate our cardiovascular system by making the heart pump more blood and, therefore, oxygen cells reach more parts of the body. These activities also help us to burn the excess calories obtained by eating, thus avoiding being overweight or obese.

For its part, strength exercises manage to strengthen muscles in a localized way, exercise joints and increase muscle mass to the detriment of body fat. It is important to do exercises such as weights, squats or abdominals to achieve a strong and young body.

Poor diet

On the other hand, another of the harmful habits for health is to follow an unhealthy rich diet, that is, a diet full of fats, empty calories and / or toxins that affect the well-being of our body. We must remember that food is the “gasoline” that our body needs to be able to function properly both to carry out our daily chores and for our organs to have all the nutrients to function at the highest level.

For this reason it is important to follow a diet rich in essential nutrients for our body and, on the contrary, we reduce fats or unhealthy products that, more and more, invade the shelves of supermarkets. Here we are going to give you some tips to be able to have a healthy and balanced diet :

Fruits and vegetables

On a daily basis you should incorporate these foods into your diet. Why? Because they are options full of essential nutrients for our body but, in addition, they do not provide fat or hardly any calories. Vitamins, fiber and many minerals are the contribution that, in a generic way, these ingredients give us that you cannot miss in your daily life.

5 meals a day

For our stomach it is totally harmful to eat only 3 meals and that 2 of them are very copious and abundant. We over-saturate this organ making it have to work much harder to metabolize food that you can introduce throughout the day in 5 different intakes. In addition, with this change in habit you will be able to avoid eating abundantly, activate your metabolism and be able to bet on lighter and healthier recipes.

Fresh food

Eating frozen, packaged, or canned vegetables is NOT healthy. These products are loaded with preservatives and products such as sodium that alter their composition causing us to introduce into our body a large amount of toxins that can accumulate inside us. For this reason, it is best to opt for fresh food and, whenever possible, in season because this way you make sure that it does not contain any toxic product to grow out of season.

Reduce fats

Fried, battered, sauces or sweets are foods that you should avoid as much as possible because they contain a large dose of calories and saturated and transgenic fats that accumulate in our body and can be responsible, not only for being overweight, but also for conditions cardiovascular, hypertension, cholesterol, and so on.

At FastlyHealwe discover the food pyramid that is the basis on which our menu should be created.

Alcohol and tobacco

Two of the most prevalent addictions in our society could not be missing from a list of the 5 worst habits for health : alcohol and tobacco. Keep in mind that a single cigarette contains more than four thousand toxic substances for health that, with each puff, we are introducing into our body, thus filling our mouth, respiratory tract and lungs with a large amount of toxins that will be very difficult to remove.

In addition, we cannot help but remember that tobacco smoke is toxic and, in fact, there are cases of cancer patients for being “passive smokers”, that is, people who live surrounded by smokers but who do not smoke. So if it’s toxic just by breathing it in, imagine how damaging it will be if you inhale it and put it right inside you.

Alcohol is also one of the worst habits that we can follow, especially if we abuse these products.Keep in mind that the drinking person will not only settle for a beer or a glass of wine, they will need more than 1 drink to calm down. your desire as alcohol is very addictive. This addiction can produce many diseases such as liver cirrhosis, kidney cancer, etc., but it also produces other problems such as suicides, traffic accidents, work accidents, among others.

Thus, it is important to stop smoking and drinking excessively if you want to bet on a healthy and prosperous life. In this article they give you some tips to help you quit smoking and stop drinking .

Accumulation of stress

Stress is a clear enemy of your mental and physical health . When we are stressed we have our organism active for many more hours than usual, preventing it from relaxing, breathing and being able to regenerate. Being in tension for a long time makes us deplete the resources of our organs and our defense system can be seriously affected and, therefore, increases our chances of falling ill.

In addition to this, stress prevents us from resting deeply, something that our body needs to be able to regenerate and be at maximum performance when you wake up again. If we do not rest well, we are not rested and, therefore, that our body cannot function as well, that is why we can feel fatigued, suffer from headaches, lack of appetite and bad mood.

Therefore, it is important to bet on a life away from stress and promote healthier practices such as the following:

  • Exercise : helps reduce stress in addition to producing endorphins, the hormone of happiness
  • Organize work and know how to prioritize : surely there are more urgent tasks than others so you must learn to be more organized to face your work within your possibilities and time
  • Learn to delegate : if you don’t show up, ask for help. It is important that you do not burden yourself with more responsibilities than you can bear
  • Dedicate yourself : learn to reserve time for yourself, to practice your hobbies, to relax and to disconnect from day to day
  • Practice relaxation : yoga, listening to music or meditation will help you reduce stress and bet on a more balanced and healthy life

At FastlyHealwe give you more tips to reduce stress in your day to day.

Having unprotected sex

Sex can become one of the most harmful habits for health if we do it without protection. There is more and more sexual freedom and people experiment more with their body and its possibilities, something very positive but it has a problem: people only worry about unwanted pregnancies and, however, they do not take into account the many transmitted diseases sexually transmitted disease (STDs) that can be spread sexually.

Unprotected sex can cause a healthy person to get dangerous diseases such as hepatitis C or AIDS, in addition to numerous conditions such as fungi, human papillomavirus, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, and so on.

It is important to have sex with protection , that is to say, sexual encounters in which a condom is used because, so far, it is the only method capable of avoiding STDs. The pills, the patch, etc., are exclusively contraceptive methods, that is, they prevent unwanted pregnancies but at no time do they prevent the spread of these conditions. Therefore, whenever you are going to have sex, do it with a condom and, if you have a partner, make sure you are healthy before you stop using condoms.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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