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How to hydrate the skin under the beard

by Alivia Nyhan
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More and more men are choosing to grow a beard. However, few know that it is essential that it be cared for to look much better and so that the skin in that area is healthy. Being an area in which the skin is so sensitive, it is essential to carry out specific processes so that this tissue under the hair is not affected.

One of the most important factors is the hydration of the area because if it is not maintained in this way, the skin can begin to flake or cause various alterations that cause discomfort in men and that manifest a neglected and dirty appearance on the face. . By subjecting this area to multiple processes, not only the hair is strengthened, but also the epidermis. Suppose you like to grow facial hair and do not know how to hydrate the skin under the beard. In that case, we advise you to continue reading the following FastlyHealarticle to find more information.

Coldwater to avoid flaking under the beard

Taking a cold shower on hot days can be a great way to hydrate the skin under your beard. The problem begins with cold days in which all people take baths with warm or hot water to keep their body at an ideal body temperature to combat the weather outside; however, when a man is constantly subjected to hot baths, He may experience peeling skin on your beard, redness, and constant itching that tends to be very annoying.

For this reason, if you have itching and the urge to constantly scratch your facial hair does not disappear during the winter, it is recommended that you try to avoid washing your face with such hot water and use cool water in this area to improve the appearance, hydrate the skin and eliminate itching.

Moisturize the skin under the beard with soap

Among the care of the beard to keep the skin underneath hydrated, the use of the correct soap stands out. Many men do not consider the products they use to bathe or wash their face, so it is common for them to use the same thing to cleanse their body, beard, and face.

Applying the same body soap can cause dryness in the beard area, causing the epidermis to flake, causing an ugly appearance and various discomforts, such as dandruff in the beard. This is why it is necessary to acquire new habits and use different products for the other areas. It is recommended to use more natural products on the face, that is, that contain essential vitamins. If possible, opt for an anti-dandruff to specifically improve the beard’s skin and appearance.

Beard oil is ideal for preventing dandruff

There are beard oils designed exclusively to moisturize the skin that is under the hairs and prevent it from becoming unhealthy by shedding different parts, which in turn could cause itching; however, the type of oil may depend on the skin of each man, so it is recommended to ask a professional.

Despite the above, the most common oils to hydrate the beard are:

It should be applied with a cotton ball in the area and let it act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of freshwaters. It is essential to dry this area properly, as it can remain moist and cause various alterations to the skin.

Using a beard moisturizer

If you are looking to hydrate the skin under the beard, it is highly advisable to use a moisturizer in the area to avoid dandruff on the beard. Applying this type of cream is ideal for softening and conditioning the epidermis, so it is recommended to opt for those products that contain moisturizing butter or almond oil. This is because they are ingredients that also stimulate hair growth, making them ideal for those who want a fuller beard.

Despite this, various moisturizers contain beeswax or similar ingredients that can also be beneficial. Due to the numerous options, it is advisable to consult with a professional to choose the best products for the skin depending on the characteristics of the same in each person. Go to your nearest barbershop and ask what product you need!

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