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How to get rid of a headache fast without pills

by Alivia Nyhan
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Anyone who suffers from frequent headaches knows how uncomfortable and annoying they can be. One of the keys is to try to find a solution when they start because otherwise they are usually more difficult to remove. On the one hand, looking for alternative solutions to drugs is a very good option, since they are not free from adverse effects. On the other hand, improving lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, rest, among others) will also result in fewer headaches and less intensity.

Next, FastlyHealproposes you different alternatives so that you can get rid of the headache quickly without pills and only with home remedies and effective habits.

Why get rid of a headache without pills

Those who frequently suffer from headaches are often caught in a vicious cycle, as headache medication also has adverse effects . Although they are widely used drugs, it does not mean that they can be taken daily, since they will bring other problems (for example, digestive problems) or because they can generate accustoming , with which if the “daily pill” is not taken, the pain of head will undoubtedly appear.

So, it is good to know certain short and long-term measures that can help you calm headaches or that they decrease in frequency and intensity, and with perseverance and good habits (diet, exercise, relaxation) they can disappear.

7 home remedies to relieve headaches

There are different measures and medicinal plants that can work as home remedies to relieve headaches:

Drink enough water

A very common cause of headaches is dehydration. As much as you drink other beverages, if they contain sugar or sweeteners, caffeine or other stimulants (tea, mate), alcohol, preservatives, what happens is that they do not hydrate in the same way as plain water. Therefore, it is convenient to start at this point, which although it is very simple many times we forget.

Sleep if your body needs it

Above all, migraine sufferers may experience headaches if they haven’t had enough sleep (although when they sleep too much, headaches can also appear). So, seek rest if you notice that your body asks for it.

Ginger tea

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and analgesic , therefore, it is a good ally to relieve headaches. It is prepared by boiling some fragments of the root in pure water for 10 minutes and then letting it rest for another 10 minutes. You can drink it with honey and lemon if you wish, up to 3 cups per day are recommended if the headache is very intense.


Also known as horse’s foot or claw, coltsfoot or cap. In English, called “butterbur”. It can be prepared as an infusion and is one of the medicinal plants that has been scientifically studied the most for the treatment of headaches.


Its good effects to treat headaches have also been widely studied, although its multiple benefits are known, especially to improve skin conditions. Also known as feverfew. To prepare an infusion of it, the flowers are mainly used at a rate of 20 grams per liter of water. You can drink of this preparation up to 3 cups per day.


Being a good painkiller , it is also used for headaches. It is prepared in infusion with 30 grams per liter of pure water. You can drink 2 cups.


Mint is a good ally when it comes to relieving headaches. You can drink 2 or 3 cups of an infusion prepared with fresh or dried leaves.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent the pain from being so strong and frequent, it is convenient to pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid consuming coffee : it is a great trigger for headaches.
  • Increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables : on the one hand, the vitamins and minerals they have are necessary for your body to work in the best possible way and, on the other hand, they will help to clean it of all those toxins that we accumulate without noticing and that They are often the cause of headaches.
  • Also avoid alcohol : as we have seen, hydration is key and alcohol dehydrates.
  • Exercise daily : at least 30 minutes a day are key to activating circulation and producing well-being, and if the cause is due to contractures, in this way, you will undoubtedly improve.

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How to get rid of a headache with massage

Manual therapy or well-applied massages are a great help for those who are suffering from headaches. There is great evidence of how these help in times of crisis and also as prevention, especially in those who suffer from tension headaches , but benefits are also seen in cases of migraine .

The key is to exert pressure on the so-called ” trigger points “, which are the areas where pain is triggered and then spread to the entire head area. There are very different techniques and, in fact, it is not something new, since in different cultures massages and pressure are used for the treatment of different pathologies.

So if you suffer from headaches, you just have to give it a try and see if it works for you. You can do it when the pain is starting (it is ideal) or when it is already installed, the whole process takes about 5 minutes. The steps to remove the headache with massage are the following:

  1. You must be calm / a to be able to carry out the whole process as well as possible.
  2. You must focus your breathing to be fully focused on the disappearance of the discomfort.
  3. With your index fingers , you should squeeze the area outside both eyes (above the cheek bone). These points are called superior masseters. You will notice that at first the headache increases (if it does not, you must look for a nearby point where that happens), then, taking deep breaths, you must maintain the pressure until the pain subsides.
  4. You continue doing the same with the lower masseter point (it is the same muscle, which allows the opening and closing of the mouth, but at its lowest insertion), this is below the cheek bone . Also hold tight where it hurts the most, take a deep breath as long as necessary, noticing how the pain is fading, at which point you can move on to the next point.
  5. Press between the eyebrows , also known as the “third eye.” Compress it until the pain subsides, do not forget to inhale and exhale slowly as you do it.
  6. You can continue to apply pressure to both sides of the nostrils , find that most annoying point, and hold the pressure there for the duration of the discomfort.
  7. Next, we work on the trigger points in the anterior area of ​​the neck, where the sternocleidomastoid muscle is. There are different points here: higher near the chin, either low where the muscle ends reaching the clavicle or another one in the middle distance, you will notice that they are those because pressing will make the headache worse. To put pressure on them, use the thumb and index finger on the opposite side (that is, if you want to work on the right side of the neck, you must do it with the left hand). Both fingers are used as forceps to compress the muscle, which must be in a relaxed position to be able to take it between the fingers. You will notice how the headache increases when you compress each of these points, once again, breathe deeply as many times as necessary and you will notice how the pain will disappear.
  8. Then, you should look for the points that generate the most discomfort in the back of the head . This is usually on the sides of the spine or a little further out, right where the head ends and the neck begins. It is the area called occipital or occipital points. To apply pressure in this area, you should just pull your head back a little and you should support the elbow of the arm that you use to do the pressure. With your hand extended to hug your head, you can use to press the thumb, which will be the most comfortable.
  9. You can continue to squeeze the internal area of ​​the shoulder : the points of the trapezius muscle. You must use the contralateral arm and also relaxed, so you can squeeze until the pain disappears. You do it with one and the other trapeze.
  10. Next, you work on the shoulder blade , also with the opposite arm you squeeze in the area where you find that the headache or neck pain worsens and thus you hold until the pain passes, meanwhile you continue to breathe deeply.

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This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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