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Stress headache: symptoms and home remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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There are many ways a headache can manifest itself. This can range from a slight sensation or pressure in the head to severe pain that is difficult to control. The causes of the appearance of headaches are varied, these can be physical (product of an allergy due to sinusitis) or psychological (concerns). In this group, stress plays an important role, since you are exposed to it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, managing this situation is what can control the appearance of this type of headache.

Anyone can suffer from this condition, at any time in their life, which can be handled easily and simply depending on the attitude they have or the way they handle the stress experienced daily. If you want to know more information about stress headaches, its symptoms and home remedies to treat them naturally. Keep reading the following FastlyHealarticle and we will find out for you!

How long does a tension headache last?

This type of headache is very common, since it appears very frequently. It occurs in the form of discomfort on the scalp or in the neck region; it is regularly associated with tension in the muscles in this area .

This headache occurs frequently, especially if you are going through a stressful situation. These headaches are characterized by being very painful and difficult to control. In some cases, it can last from 30 minutes to about 7 days .

The prolonged duration of a headache as a result of a stressful situation can trigger a depressive picture and aggravate the existing one.

Causes of stress headache

In addition to the aforementioned stress, there are multiple causes that can trigger this type of headache, among them it is necessary to mention:

  • Increased consumption of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes.
  • Keep your head in the same position for a long time.
  • Being in front of the computer for a long time.
  • Eye strain.
  • Nasal congestion product of respiratory processes such as sinusitis.
  • Flu pictures or the common cold.
  • Dental disorders
  • Tiredness from overexertion.

The stress is the most common cause , produced by the concerns of daily routine in the workplace, sentimental or professional. Its mismanagement can aggravate and worsen the symptoms presented, thus increasing the permanence of the pain in addition to weakening the immune system giving rise to the appearance of other diseases.

Stress headache: symptoms

The symptoms that are often a headache caused by stress are:

  • A constant headache manifests itself in the form of pressure or pain on both sides.
  • Persistent pain in the temples or in the back of the head and neck: In some occasions, this can subside, but it reappears again when the patient is in a stressful situation. This pain is not of strong intensity, which is why it does not interfere with work or with your usual life. For some people, it can last a long time and be of strong intensity.
  • Fatigue.
  • Difficulty to sleep.
  • Muscle pain in the upper back and shoulders.

Do you know home remedies to treat stress headaches?

After knowing the causes that give rise to the headache, specifically if it is a product of stress, it is important to follow the indications and recommendations suggested by the specialist. One of these suggestions is to use home remedies which provide multiple benefits. Here we explain the main home remedies to treat stress headaches :

Citrus seed tea

It is a home remedy that contains the seeds of fruits such as orange, lemon and tangerine. They are excellent antioxidants, they also contain flavonoids and have a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect to combat headaches.

The seeds of the lemon, orange and tangerine should be roasted in the oven for 10 minutes, then blended until it becomes a powder. To make the tea, take a teaspoon of powder in a cup of boiled water, you can take a cup 3 times a day during the permanence of the pain.

Chamomile tea

It is an excellent natural remedy, used for headaches caused by stress. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect , the combination with other plants such as grass, lemon or calendula offer an excellent relaxing and calming effect to relieve tension from stress. Boiling water is added to the mixture of these 3 plants, obtaining an infusion that can be taken 2 or 3 times a day.

Lavender compresses

Lavender cold compresses placed on the head help to improve stress , both physical and mental, thanks to its relaxing properties. For this, 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of marjoram are used in a bucket of cold water, then the compresses are placed on the head to obtain their benefits.

Olive oil

It has an antioxidant effect and provides important benefits in cases of stress headaches. 2 tablespoons should be taken daily. The best way to do this is through food, for example, in salad dressing. It is important to know that it should be eaten raw, not fried.

Honey and apple cider vinegar

This combination is excellent to use for headache relief. In a glass of hot water, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is mixed and honey is added, then it is stirred for later ingestion. Within a few minutes, the headache will be completely gone.

With the use of natural homemade products, the benefits obtained are effective, they are achieved in a short time and without risks for the user, if the medical protocol is followed. Do not hesitate to go to the doctor, he will give you the necessary guidance for the consumption of these remedies in case you need it.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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