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Home remedies for migraines

by Alivia Nyhan
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The migraine causes one of the most muscular headaches, and it is not surprising that those who suffer these discomforts desperately seek the secret formula to beat them. This condition is usually more common in women than in men and involves experiencing constant intense pain traditionally concentrated in one head area. The truth is that those who suffer from migraines know well what type of pain we are referring to and to what extent it can influence our quality of life. This annoying headache can be caused by stress and anxiety, changes in sleep, work, alcohol consumption, and some hormonal changes, although at other times, it is hereditary.

Also known as migraine, it is essential to go to the doctor to locate the cause of the pain and to be able to carry out the most appropriate treatment. However, at FastlyHealwe also recommend some home remedies for migraines that can relieve pain and make this nightmare more temporary.

Ginger, infallible ally

Ginger root has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it worthwhile to combat the severe pain of migraines and reduce the inflammation that often results from these episodes. Ginger is one of the most used natural painkillers to reduce pain derived from different conditions. But why are the effects of ginger effective? This natural remedy for migraine helps relieve symptoms because it works similarly to aspirin. This drug inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandin, a substance that controls inflammatory processes.

To prepare a ginger infusion, we must boil water together with a cut root and leave it for 10 minutes. Then we turn off the fire and wait for it to reach a suitable temperature so that we can drink it.

Cold compresses to relieve pain.

Since the pain of migraines is very focused on the head, applying cold compresses is another way to relieve the discomfort caused by this condition. This home remedy for migraines helps reduce inflammation and reduce pain. We must use a cold compress on the forehead and let it act for 20 minutes. It is recommended that you remain stretched out in a comfortable situation, in a place without noise and with little light.

Herbs to relieve migraines

The headache caused by migraine can be treated with different medicinal herbs that become good natural remedies. These herbs are the best tricks to relieve discomfort, and they are quick and easy to prepare. You have to make sure you have any of these herbs in your home:

  • Manzanilla . We could say that this herb is one of the best known and most used. It positively affects the digestive system, lowers cholesterol, and contains diuretic properties that cleanse our bodies. As for migraines, this home remedy removes pain thanks to its calming properties and mild analgesic action.
  • Herb Santa María or Matricaria . It is another way to prevent migraine through medicinal plants and reduce symptoms. The reason is that this herb is rich in parthenolide, compounds that fight the contraction of blood vessels in the head that occurs with migraines. An infusion of this plant will help you calm the pain.
  • Lemongrass . It is a natural remedy with antioxidant effects, which provides nutrients and reduces headaches caused by tension, in addition to relieving migraines. Studies have shown that this plant has the same effect as an analgesic or anti-inflammatory drug. This natural remedy for migraine regulates platelet levels, which in the case of being high, can hinder the correct oxygenation of the brain.
  • Mint . Another of the best-known herbs to treat different conditions. Peppermint has mild analgesic properties that effectively treat pain caused by migraines.

Diet to avoid migraines

Our diet can become another natural way to combat migraines. Diet can be one of the factors responsible for the presence of migraine, so incorporating certain foods can favor the disappearance of this annoying condition. These are some of the foods to avoid migraines :

  • Bluefish and shellfish . These foods are rich in phosphorus, riboflavin, and omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore, including sardines, tuna, salmon, and shellfish in our diet can effectively prevent migraine headaches.
  • Breaths are rich in magnesium. This mineral helps us fight stress, one of the causes of migraine headaches. A diet rich in magnesium will stimulate muscle relaxation and ward off anxiety. Some recommended foods are legumes, brown rice, oat bran, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Foods are rich in vitamins B2 and B6. Vitamin B2 helps prevent headaches, while vitamin B6 increases the production of a substance that acts as a neurotransmitter, reducing pain and improving our mood. The foods corresponding to this group are milk, mushrooms, beef, pork or lamb, garlic, potatoes, and rice.

Essential oils for migraine

Essential oils are excellent natural remedies to apply to the skin for immediate benefits. You can opt for rosemary and thyme oil, whichever you like the most, and once you have chosen, add a little bit between your index and middle fingers. Make sure you are in a quiet place, where there is no noise and where you should not move, and try not to have much light. With the oil on your fingers, perform circular massages on the three key points: the base of the nose, the eyes, and the temples. This is a good home remedy for migraine that will relieve pain and help us relax.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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