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Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

by Alivia Nyhan
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Nowadays, it is common to resort to medications every time we suffer from any ailment or discomfort, introducing into our body a quantity of chemical substances that, although they can be effective, can have side effects or be really unnecessary to treat depending on what type of pathologies . The efficacy of some plants or certain foods to treat the symptoms of some diseases has been demonstrated, so knowing which ones is very effective in some cases. If you are one of those who prefers to resort to alternative treatments to deal with the pain caused by certain ailments, continue reading this FastlyHealarticle where we expose you to the best natural painkillers .

What are pain relievers and how do they work to suppress pain?

We call analgesics the group of drugs that reduce headaches, muscular and arthritic pain , among others. There are different types of pain relievers, and each has its benefits and risks. Depending on the pain, the use of a certain analgesic will be more effective, and we can find some of these medications that are available without a prescription, and that are used frequently. Others are only administered under medical recommendation in certain cases, since they can have serious side effects .

Doctors know that pain relievers work differently and help reduce pain and inflammation. Studies show that analgesics act on the peripheral and central nervous system , thus helping to achieve topical or systemic analgesia. They usually start working when they reach the bloodstream through the stomach (between 30 and 60 minutes).

In a painful situation, the body produces certain enzymes called COX (cyclooxygenase), which stimulate the body’s cells to produce “prostaglandins” that cause fever, inflammation, and pain. Medicines called “anesthetics” take away the sensation and the pain is not felt. Opioids (narcotic pain relievers that contain natural or man-made forms of opium) also act on the central nervous system.

Regular use of painkillers can increase the risk of heart problems and suffer from some type of chronic pain, as in cases of osteoarthritis . One study showed that smokers or overweight patients who abused these drugs had an increased risk of having a heart attack. That is why at FastlyHealwe want to introduce you to the best natural painkillers .

Turmeric, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory

This plant used as a spice both in cooking and to treat some conditions, is rich in curcuminoids , which block certain substances that are harmful to the body, thus acting as an anti-inflammatory. As a consequence, turmeric can be a good natural pain reliever for treating pain caused by arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The analgesic effect of curcumin present in this spice can be effective to end pain naturally, replacing drugs. In this article we explain everything about turmeric so that you know how to consume it.

Cayenne pepper, great soothing effects

Another of the spices that is among the best natural pain relievers is cayenne pepper . It comes from a shrub that grows in Central America and in some tropical and subtropical regions of South America. It is used both in the kitchen as a home remedy to treat pain thanks to the calming effects of capsaicin. It is a compound present in cayenne pepper that has the objective of driving away herbivorous animals and that acts in the brain in a similar way to pain.

Consuming this spice allows to relieve pain naturally because it causes the brain to produce endorphins , eliminating the sensation of pain. It is a way of tricking the brain into reacting to pain, making it a good natural pain reliever.

Garlic, excellent analgesic properties

The garlic is one of the home remedies used to treat different pains thanks to its disinfecting power. In the case of pain, garlic is a good natural analgesic because it has positive effects to calm headaches and toothaches , in addition to relieving neuralgia. This is because, like cayenne pepper, it contains capsaicin, which gives it the spicy flavor.

Olive and fish oil, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories

Another of the best natural painkillers is olive oil , which can be included in our diet, and is very beneficial consumed in moderate amounts. Olive oil contains a substance called oleocanthal, which has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect , so it can reduce pain. In addition, quality olive oil strengthens the immune system , helps control cholesterol, hypertension and regulates blood sugar levels. However, the amount of oil should be moderate in our daily diet. In this article we explain everything about olive oil .

On the other hand, fish oil is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which is attributed an anti-inflammatory effect and inhibitor of chemicals responsible for the production of pain, such as those suffered in arthritis. In addition, the regular consumption of this type of oil can have other health benefits in people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Fruits for pain

Although it may seem a lie, some fruits can become the best natural pain relievers. In the case of blueberries , they have anti-inflammatory properties and are powerful antioxidants responsible for eliminating free radicals that are harmful to the body. A cup of blueberries can prevent urinary tract infections, as well as cleanse the blood, prevent fluid retention, or lower sugar.

Likewise, cherries can relieve pain naturally by reducing inflammation of the tissues responsible for headaches, due to their anthocyanin content, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

On the other hand, grapes are other fruits that naturally relieve pain, especially back pain that we can usually suffer from leading a sedentary life. This small fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate blood circulation in the lower back, relieving the sensation of pain.

Analgesic plants

The comfrey is a plant that was already used in ancient Greece in medicine. It is one of the best natural pain relievers because of a chemical it contains called allantoin, which has regenerative effects on the skin and relieves pain and inflammation. One of the best ways to obtain its analgesic effects is to apply it as a cream.

The Arnica is a plant that has been used as a natural remedy to relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing of wounds. We can consume arnica to obtain its properties by preparing an infusion or applying it as an ointment.

When to go to the doctor

Although having the best natural painkillers on hand can help us alleviate the pain caused by some diseases or conditions, we must not forget that their effects are limited, and that depending on the damage we suffer, we will need a more powerful analgesic. Therefore, in case of suffering any type of pain or witnessing the existence of other symptoms, we must go to the doctor so as not to put our health at risk.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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