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What exercises to do if I have insulin resistance

by Alivia Nyhan
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The insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that has the function of regulating blood sugar levels and allows the penetration glucose into cells to be stored or transformed into energy. However, insulin function can be impaired when some cells begin to use this hormone less effectively. This can increase blood glucose levels, increase insulin production in the body, and lead to increased body fat or excess weight.

The insulin resistance increases the risk of metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes, fortunately is a condition that if it can properly be controlled without pose a greater risk to health. One of the best ways to improve this condition is by doing physical activity, which will allow you to control blood glucose levels and reduce blood pressure, accumulated fat and abdominal inflammation. If you are one of those who are tired of wondering what exercises to do if I have insulin resistance , keep reading this FastlyHealarticle and know which ones are the best.

Why Exercise is Important to Control Insulin Resistance

Most people know that to treat insulin resistance it is important to change habits, especially eating habits. With a healthy diet we can reverse high blood glucose levels, improve the health of the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and, of course, lose fat in order to reduce weight.

What not many people know is that exercise is as important as diet in fighting insulin resistance. And it is that physical activity represents 30% of the success in controlling this disease . Why? We explain it to you! Every time your body exercises, the body’s metabolism is activated, which, if you exercise for more than 30 minutes, will be able to burn glucose more efficiently and, therefore, will be able to metabolize excess fat. Best of all, this process continues to happen in your body for up to two hours after exercising, which represents the real importance of exercising for at least 40 minutes every day to improve conditions like diabetes and insulin resistance.

Exercise is the most effective way to lose stored fat and increase muscle mass to prevent muscles from being weakened by excess blood sugar. In addition, it considerably reduces the risk of heart disease due to its stimulation and increase in respiratory and physical resistance. Therefore, exercising is undoubtedly the best way to cure insulin resistance.

It is also worth mentioning that although some experts suggest very sedentary people to settle for a 30-minute walk every day, the truth is that only weight training is capable of increasing muscle mass significantly to counteract the effects. from the increase in glucose and insulin in the body. Therefore, to control this condition, it is necessary to perform mixed routines where cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is combined with weight or anaerobic exercise. For this reason, at FastlyHealwe will offer you a list of the best aerobic exercises for insulin resistance and we will tell you how to complement it with a heavy and efficient training.

To walk!

Yes, walking is the best cardiovascular exercise out there to burn fat. Why? Because it is a low intensity exercise that is performed at a constant speed for a certain time, which allows you to eliminate a greater amount of calories and fat accumulated in the body.

Of course, for walking to become one of the best exercises to combat insulin resistance, you must do it every day for more than 30 minutes. Also, it is important that you start at your own pace and do not force yourself so that you do not tire quickly. In addition, you should try to put more effort as you gain physical and cardiopulmonary endurance, since speeding up your pace or walking longer than usual will help you prevent the muscle from getting used to the routine and starting to lose muscle tissue.

Nothing, all that you can

Swimming is one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises out there. This sport forces the whole body to be kept in motion , stimulating not only the increase in cardiopulmonary capacity, but also allowing the muscles to work at the same time. As a consequence, greater fat burning and greater increase in muscle health is achieved.

In addition, overweight people often suffer from conditions in the knees, cervical or lumbar, and it turns out that swimming works as a kind of therapeutic exercise to heal the ailments in these areas and regain mobility, reduce stiffness and reduce inflammation. tensions. Of course, you must be patient. Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of physical resistance, so it is likely that at first you will not be able to swim more than two pools in a row. However, nothing is impossible and most of the people who practice this sport went through the same, so everything is a matter of discipline, perseverance and a lot of enthusiasm.

Stationary bike

The spinning is one of the best exercises to burn calories in an hour of class. How many? Approximately 700 calories per session. Like swimming, spinning also exercises a large number of muscles in the body while challenging the heart and lungs to support breathing and fatigue in each of its static ups and downs and whenever the instructor considers it to be. need to accelerate that pedal.

Like swimming, the key is to be consistent, to finish an entire class, and to wish to become the king or queen of the bike. You may not be able to finish the full hour of exercises at first, it doesn’t matter! The really important thing is that you come back next time.


If walking, swimming, or riding a stationary bike isn’t what you feel like, then we invite you to burn fat, lose weight, and lower those blood sugar levels on the dance floor. Why not? Dancing is one of the activities that most people enjoy because it allows them to entertain themselves while forgetting that they are exercising.

A Zumba class includes cardiovascular exercise and toning movements, so it can subtract up to 800 calories from your body. (Remember that you must add all that fat and sugar that your body will burn only the next two hours). Without a doubt, zumba is an excellent option to lose weight with enthusiasm and good humor.

Heavy training

Yes, any of the above sports must be combined with heavy exercise to guarantee the health of the muscles through the increase of muscle mass and to prevent them from wearing down your tissue due to an increase in sugar, cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood. In addition, the best thing about weight training is that the muscle is also activated for longer than exercised and can continue to burn fat and calories for up to two hours after the training ends.

To do anaerobic exercise, it is best to have the supervision of a trainer who will advise you on the use of the machines, the weight you must lift and who will ensure that you do the routine correctly to avoid injuring yourself. You can go to a gym to train and, if you are one of those who do not enjoy these types of places, think about the option of hiring a personal trainer who will train only you outdoors, in a park or even in your own home.

Another way to do anaerobic exercise and train heavy is by doing functional sports . These disciplines offer to increase muscle mass by lifting your own weight. This is how TRX or the famous video workouts like Insanity were born, which offer impact routines that are performed without weights. Both options are excellent alternatives and are part of the best exercises for insulin resistance.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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