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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

by Alivia Nyhan
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Increasing or naturally producing more testosterone is indicated to achieve the desired levels of this male hormone responsible for stimulating libido, potency, and sexual satisfaction in men. At certain times in men’s adult life, the production of this hormone is an essential part of their daily life, which can lead to starting a search to know what can help maintain adequate levels of this hormone or how to increase it quickly without affecting the body. You should avoid the consumption of chemical and pharmacological products that can stimulate the production of this hormone and, at the same time, harm other organs and systems. In the following FastlyHealarticle, you will learn how to increase testosterone naturally without damaging your body and obtaining the best benefits of nature.

What is testosterone?

It is an essential male hormone in sexual and reproductive life. Adequate levels of this hormone, also present in women in men, can stimulate muscle development and muscle strength in addition to bone density.

It is the essential hormone in male sexuality and reproduction. If it is produced at adequate levels, it prevents premature ejaculation or impotence problems. As you age, testosterone levels begin to decline. These can become evident from the age of 40.

Eating habits can change the appearance of symptoms and signs that warn of the presence of a decrease or deficit of testosterone in men.

When to worry about testosterone levels?

If you feel that your body no longer responds to stimuli as before, it is time to check if you have suffered these alterations at any time:

  • Decreased or loss of sexual desire.
  • Dysfunctions and sexual dissatisfaction.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Depression.
  • Poor stress management.
  • Increase in body fat.
  • Decrease in body mass.

The presence of these symptoms is indicative of an alteration in testosterone levels and should be treated. With a simple blood test, the diagnosis can be made in addition to a medical consultation, where the specialist, in this case, the urologist, will guide you regarding the steps you must follow to stimulate testosterone production and maintain adequate levels.

How to increase testosterone naturally – the best tips

There are numerous options to increase testosterone, from medications to supplements and natural products that manage to restore levels of this hormone.

Increasing testosterone using natural measures can be practiced by anyone who wants to obtain more excellent benefits without side effects. These options include:

Eliminate excess weight

Overweight men tend to have low testosterone levels. Therefore, in this case, it is believed that by reducing the “extra kilos,” it is possible to increase testosterone production.

Change eating habits

Implement a low-fat diet rich in fiber, fruits with plenty of vegetables and vegetables, and low consumption of carbohydrates, such as sugar or flour. All this is to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to maintain weight under its size and thus avoid obesity.

It is essential to increase the consumption of healthy fats since they are necessary to produce more testosterone naturally, especially those that are present in certain foods such as:

  • Avocado
  • Nuts: walnuts, almonds.
  • Olives, olive oil.
  • Coconut and coconut oil.
  • The fats are obtained from animal protein.

Physical exercise

Minimum 30 minutes a day to burn calories and stimulate metabolism. Any sport is good for exercising: walking, swimming, running, tennis, etc. All are very useful. In addition to maintaining weight, they help control stress, another factor that can alter testosterone levels.

Zinc to increase testosterone

Zinc is a mineral that is an essential part of testosterone production. The best source to obtain zinc is food. Therefore, consuming animal protein such as chicken, meat, fish, raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and beans is essential. In the following article, see what are the foods richest in zinc.

Another option is the consumption of zinc supplements with a dose of 40 mg per day for an adult.

Increase vitamin D levels

Vitamin D increases testosterone levels. It is essential to obtain its benefits, exposure to the sun in the early morning hours, avoiding the sun’s rays as the day progresses. Otherwise, it is recommended to take the vitamin as a supplement at a dose of 40 ng/ml daily. It is the minimum amount that must be consumed to obtain its benefits.

Controlling stress

Poor stress management is a trigger to trigger any situation that affects the mental part of the individual. For this reason, it is recommended to resort to techniques that allow the control of emotions, such as relaxation, deep breathing, visualization.

All changes made in diet, exercise, physical training, increased supplements such as vitamins A, B, C, and D, and zinc, stress control, and emotion management should be put into practice after consultation with a medical specialist. He will guide you on the best techniques for you according to the symptoms you present and the levels of testosterone in the blood.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any type of condition or discomfort.

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