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Benefits of garlic for our health

by Alivia Nyhan
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Garlic is one of the most widely used foods in world cuisine, an ingredient that cannot be lacking in many dishes and that we consume frequently. But it is also one of the foods most used in natural medicine for its various beneficial properties, helping treat and prevent multiple conditions and improving our natural health. Do you want to know how to make the most of it? At FastlyHealwe explain in detail the benefits of garlic for our health.

It helps keep our hearts healthy and cholesterol-free

One of the most outstanding properties of garlic is its ability to significantly improve heart health by increasing the flexibility of the arteries and, at the same time, preventing cholesterol from being deposited in them, hardening them and leading to heart disease. This is due to its allicin content, which favors the elimination of cholesterol and triglycerides from our bodies.

As if that were not enough, this ingredient helps maintain blood pressure values ​​appropriately, which further optimizes its benefits to the heart.

It is an excellent natural antibiotic.

One of the best-known health benefits of garlic is its great antibiotic property, helping our body to fight against the presence of bacteria effectively. Consuming raw garlic frequently favors the health of our immune system, and if we ingest it when we have any infectious disease, we will help our body recover more effectively.

The juice that we extract when crushing fresh garlic can be used topically to promote the healing of wounds and injuries, keeping bacteria and possible infections at bay.

Promotes the increase in insulin levels

Having average blood glucose values is very important, as this ensures that we keep diabetes at bay. But for this to be the case, the functioning of the insulin hormone must be perfect. One of the most important benefits of garlic is its ability to promote insulin production, which helps prevent sugar from accumulating in the blood, giving the origin to problems such as type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Improves circulation

If you are looking for a natural blood thinner and vasodilator, there is no doubt that garlic is one of your best options. In addition to benefiting your heart, this property also helps prevent problems such as varicose veins or spider veins and reduces fatigue in the legs, precisely caused by circulatory problems.

detoxifying power

Having an inadequate diet, a sedentary life, and frequent contact with certain materials contribute significantly to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies that can cause us discomfort or lead to various diseases. However, and mainly due to its sulfur content, eating garlic frequently favors our body’s detoxification and the elimination of heavy metals that we accumulate in it due to diet.

Adding it to our eating habits can help protect our organs from the toxic effects of metals such as mercury or lead.

Promotes digestion and prevents cancers in the digestive system

Although for those who have irritable bowel, heartburn, ulcers, or gastritis, garlic is a food that is indigestible and flatulent, it can be very flattering for those who have a healthy stomach. Eating raw garlic often benefits the production of stomach juices that improve digestion, and its antibiotic power can fight harmful bacteria that lodge in the stomach and intestines.

Several studies suggest that this food prevents the appearance of stomach, colon, and rectal cancer, notably favoring the health of our digestive system.

How to eat garlic to be effective

Garlic has been used for hundreds of years to treat various conditions, being an excellent ally to strengthen our immune system, improve circulation or reduce inflammation. However, all these properties can only be achieved if we ingest raw garlic because when eating it cooked, much of its benefits are lost, and the effort would not be worth it.

Although its flavor and aroma are intense, it is still a great ally for our well-being. To consume it raw, you can:

  •  Take a clove of garlic as a pill, with a bit of water or juice to reduce the intensity of its flavor.
  • Ingest it in dishes in which it is incorporated raw such as gazpacho, aioli sauce, pesto sauce, or any other sauce with this ingredient, or even in skinny laminated salads to add flavor to the dish.
  • To reduce the intensity of its flavor and aroma, you can later eat a little cheese, drink a cup of preferably skimmed milk or chew parsley.

Garlic contraindications

Despite all the health benefits of garlic, it is essential to be clear that this food is contraindicated in some instances, for example:

  • It should not be ingested by people with a sensitive stomach and conditions such as frequent heartburn, stomach ulcers, gastritis, or irritable bowel.
  • Those who suffer from hyperthyroidism should not abuse this food due to its high iodine content.
  • If you are taking anticoagulant medication or have clotting problems, ingesting garlic is not recommended due to its anticoagulant effects.
  • You should avoid consuming raw garlic in large quantities before or after surgery, as its anticoagulant effects could be harmful in these cases.
  • For patients with diabetes, the abundant consumption of this food is not recommended.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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