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Pimples in the armpits: causes, treatment and home remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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The skin shows us as we are; under makeup and clothes, the skin speaks and tells us how our interior is. Superficial treatments are not enough; many times, a skin problem warns us of a more profound imbalance. Pimples in the armpits can occur for different reasons: allergies, humidity, ease of suffering from infections, and more complicated diseases, such as pemphigus or psoriasis.

Suppose you want to know why pimples appear in the armpits, how to treat them medically and what home remedies can be helpful and effective in eliminating them. In that case, you will be interested in the following article from FastlyHeal.

Why do pimples appear in the armpits: causes

Different lesions can appear in the armpits: pimples such as acne, blisters, and rashes … It is important to differentiate them because each can correspond to other causes and, therefore, the treatment will also be different in each case.

Among the causes of armpit pimples are:

Pustules from infections

Bacteria or fungi can cause inflammatory lesions such as those that occur in acne (painful swellings that do not yet have pus); they can be superinfections of previous lesions, for example, during shaving.


When the boil becomes an abscess, one speaks of the presence of a spot. There is already a collection of pus due to inflammation and bacterial infection in this case. A painful lump appears that fluctuates due to infectious fluid inside.

It would help if you did not try to squeeze it yourself, as you can worsen the situation by turning it into a more severe infection. Your doctor can try to drain the abscess if he considers it appropriate and will prescribe antibiotics by mouth. You can find out in the article Boils causes, symptoms, and treatment in more detail.

Axillary lymphadenopathy

It is the inflammation of a ganglion in the armpit area, which is frequent with infections not necessarily of the armpit; there may be an infected lesion or another type of inflammatory process in the arm on that side, with which the lymph nodes in that area will respond by trying to control the situation. Depending on the cause of the adenopathy, it will be the treatment: if there is an infection, it must be resolved; if there are nodes in other areas, what may be happening should be studied. You can see more details in the article Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit: causes and treatment.


Lesions similar to those on the face and back can appear in the armpits since sebaceous glands produce more sebum than usual and cause inflammatory lesions to occur.

Allergic dermatitis

Some harmless substance to someone else may trigger a skin reaction in you. Deodorants, cosmetics, and even underwear can cause allergies in this area. In this case, the skin will appear red, there may be pimples, and the site may itch.

Contact dermatitis

In this case, a substance irritates the skin so that it causes skin damage. It has nothing to do with allergies, but rather that the sense is too strong or helps to maintain moisture, which makes the skin red, burns, itches, and lesions may appear.

Grains by intertrigo

Intertrigo is a skin infection caused by skin maceration. It occurs when there is excessive humidity in areas of folds (armpits, under the breasts, groin, etc.). In this situation, bacterial or fungal proliferation occurs (due to fungi) that cause significant lesions to appear where there are redness, pimples, and blemishes.

He had

It is a fungal infection. The skin can be damaged, and small pimples can appear.

Reverse psoriasis

It is a variety of well-known psoriasis, but what happens is that the lesions (redness with whitish scales, pimples) appear in areas of folds such as under the breasts or in the armpits.

Suppurative hidradenitis

It is about chronic type injuries in areas where the skin is exposed to friction, such as armpits, breasts, thighs, and groin. They appear as comedones, pimples, a painful lump in the armpit under the skin that persist for a long time and are connected. This is perpetuated with shaving since it is produced by obstruction and inflammation of the hair follicles.

It usually begins after adolescence and is related to unhealthy diets, smoking, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. You can find out in more detail in the article Swallow in the armpit: what it is, symptoms and treatment .

Chronic benign familial pemphigus

Hailey Hailey disease is a genetic skin problem in which different lesions such as fissures or blisters appear in folds (armpits, breast groove, vulva, perineum, scrotum, groin) that can become superinfected with fungi or bacteria. In those moments, it generates a lot of pain. It usually begins in the teens or, more often, between 20 and 40.

Medical treatment of pimples in the armpits

Medical treatment will depend fundamentally on the cause, which, as we have seen, can be the most varied:

  • As a first measure, an accurate diagnosis must be attempted; many times, this diagnosis is delayed since the most common diseases are usually treated as the first measure, and, if the treatments are not effective, samples are taken to try to find out the cause, which it can be scarce in a few cases.
  • Different local medications can be applied: creams or ointments with antibiotics, corticosteroids, and antifungals.
  • It is essential to avoid humidity; the affected area should be left in the air as much as possible.
  • On the other hand, the application of deodorants or any other type of cosmetic should be avoided, since often that is the original reason for the problem and, whatever the cause, it does not contribute to the healing of the skin.
  • There are times when oral antibiotics must be used when the lesions are too extensive or deep and topical treatment is not enough.
  • For pain, analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken, but it is always good to indicate them by a professional because they are not without side effects.
  • When the problem is chronic, laser or surgical treatments may be used in the case of familial pemphigus or hidradenitis suppurativa. Each case must be evaluated.

Home remedies for armpit pimples

There are different measures and home remedies that you can implement to improve the skin of your armpits, either to cure pimples or prevent their appearance:

  • Drink water: one of the causes that your body presents injuries of this type is because the skin is a purifying system; try to remove everything that does not do you well, and sometimes pimples are the solution. If you drink water, you help with that cleaning. You should leave out drinks with sugar, alcohol, or sweeteners.
  • Change your eating habits: food is one of the keys to improving this and many other health problems. How do you expect your body to function well if you feed it with fat, sugar, flour, meat, and dairy? All these products and many industrialized foods are not well metabolized. What is worse, the toxins that they possess or remain after their disintegration within our body accumulate in the liver, and fatty tissues, helping to collapse a body that for the rest is very wise. If we facilitate it, our diet is based on fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, fermented, nuts, honey, and whole-grain products. We not only provide the essential vitamins and minerals for its proper functioning, but we also facilitate its purification task.
  • Do not use antiperspirants/deodorants, or instead use natural options: it is not crazy, and you can do it significantly if you change your diet, since the skin is a body cleansing organ, and if you do not ingest so many toxins, your body will need to eliminate less as well. The point is that this takes time since, at the beginning of the dietary changes, the body will be able to destroy everything that you have accumulated for years. Therefore, the pimples can get worse and then improve.
  • Sunbathe: between 5 and 10 minutes of sun, without sunscreen, between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon each day is essential to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D. It is necessary to keep bones strong. But it keeps the defenses high, and, especially in your case, it helps repair the skin, apart from many other benefits.
  • Chamomile: you must prepare an infusion with it. You can drink it and also apply it to the broken skin. It is anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and healing.
  • Calendula: you should also make an infusion with its flower. Applied directly to the skin, it helps heal wounds and keep the area deflated.
  • Salvia: you can use its infusion to wash the skin.
  • To clean the area, you can also use water and neutral soap (if natural, like earth soap better). The fewer chemicals you apply to the site, the faster you will resolve the pimples.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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