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Inflamed intestines: natural remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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Inflamed intestines are a fairly common condition that can manifest itself at any age and in different ways. In most people it presents with nausea or vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, abdominal contractions, a swollen abdomen, sweating, and loss of appetite. Whatever the symptom related to inflamed intestines, the doctor has the ability to indicate the appropriate treatment.

Inflamed intestines generally improve with a proper diet and with the use of medications such as antispasmodics and antiflatulents, indicated by the specialist, in case this does not happen there are some effective natural treatments to treat them, in this FastlyHealarticle we will talk about the inflamed intestines and what natural remedies you can use to improve this condition.

What are inflamed intestines and how does it manifest?

To date, it is not known exactly what is the reason for this condition of inflamed intestines, in fact, there is no single mechanism that explains it directly, however, it is shown that some factors influence such as:

  • Intolerance to some foods.
  • Hormonal alterations
  • Influence of genetic and hereditary factors.
  • Gastroenteritis.
  • Stress.

The IBS is the ideal concept to discuss inflamed intestines or irritable bowel, which in turn encompasses various diseases that directly affect the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract. It is mainly characterized by:

  • Intermittent abdominal pain, that is, with periods where there is an exacerbation of the symptoms and others where there is calm of the same, when it manifests it is a diffuse pain of a stabbing or oppressive nature, ranging from mild to moderate intensity.
  • Diarrhea or constipation or both in some cases, intestinal rhythm disturbances is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and heartburn or heartburn.
  • Bloating or abdominal swelling .
  • Absence of any infectious or metabolic organic disease related to the digestive system.

The World Gastroenterology Organization describes that the prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome in Europe and North America is estimated at 10-15%, it occurs between 15 and 65 years, with the average age of manifestation being between 30 and 50 years of age [ 1] .

The best natural remedies for inflamed intestines

There are several natural remedies for inflamed intestines . Here we explain some of the best that you have at your disposal to alleviate these discomforts:


A widely used natural remedy to treat stomach and intestinal diseases is papaya, which due to its anti-inflammatory properties allows to alleviate symptoms related to inflamed intestines . This fruit acts effectively thanks to an enzyme that is inside it called papain, which intervenes directly on the pancreatic enzymes , regulating them, these are the enzymes that are responsible for causing indigestion, intestinal gas and inflammation.


An infusion of chamomile tea will make you experience an improvement in the annoying and uncomfortable symptoms that irritable bowel causes. The chamomile infusion can then relieve intestinal pain caused by inflamed intestines. In the following FastlyHealarticle we will talk more about the medicinal uses of chamomile .


Another effective natural remedy is an herb known as fennel, which allows us to relieve symptoms such as heartburn or heartburn, gas or flatulence, abdominal inflammation and diarrhea. It is enough to drink the infusion of fennel to alleviate all these discomforts related to irritable bowel or inflamed intestines.

Mint tea

For many years, peppermint tea has been used to treat any condition that affects the digestive system, a cup of this tea will be enough to alleviate all discomforts. Next we will talk about the medicinal uses of mint .


This species, in addition to being used in everyday cooking, has a high capacity to improve pain and other symptoms related to the presence of irritable bowel. The ideal is to prepare turmeric as an infusion in warm milk and ingest at least 2 times a day until the discomfort or symptoms have disappeared.


With broad antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties , licorice tea is used. In fact, it is considered a medicine used since ancient times to treat all problems related to the digestive system.

Apple vinager

Likewise, using apple cider vinegar diluted with water allows to increase the secretion of the enzymes that are responsible for the digestion of fats, thus speeding up digestion and fighting constipation, one of the symptoms that can occur with inflamed intestines.


Due to its high fiber content, flaxseed is widely used to improve gastrointestinal transit , in this sense flaxseed is used in the presence of constipation, acting as a completely natural lubricant for humans.


Likewise, to improve any condition that brings about the irritable bowel and inflamed intestines, it is recommended to consume probiotic foods , these are nothing more than good or favorable bacteria effective to regulate the normal intestinal balance.

Other natural remedies used for inflamed intestines

There are many effective natural remedies to treat irritable bowel and inflamed intestines, however, the importance of seeing a doctor on time should not be overlooked. Beyond those that we have already explained to you in this article, some effective natural remedies for inflamed intestines are the following:

  • Aloe vera : it is another natural remedy used to treat inflamed intestines, it is recommended to drink it preferably in the morning, this allows the de-inflammation of the colon.
  • Carrot : the consumption of this vegetable is ideal to treat colitis, it has high anti-inflammatory properties, the best way to preserve it and thus strengthen the immune system is to keep it refrigerated until the moment it is used.
  • Castor oil : a home remedy used to treat colon problems, castor oil is applied directly to the abdomen, impregnated with a flannel or a clean cloth with this oil and on this it is recommended to apply a bottle with hot water and let it act for about an hour this will considerably improve the manifestations of the inflamed intestine.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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