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Definition of pathological physiology

by Alivia Nyhan
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Curiosity is what the human being, thanks to it we have been able to explore and discover what is very far from us, such as space, and what is closer to us, such as our own body. We have been able to explain both the most beautiful things and the worst diseases. Curiosity and the desire to know has made us wiser and better aware of everything that surrounds us.

Little by little we have been categorizing knowledge, establishing smaller and smaller plots of knowledge that have been specializing us and facilitating the study of more and more specific things, without losing our global vision. From the observation of the environment to the study of our bodies, then to biology, later to physiology passing through medicine, going even further into pathological physiology.

Do you know the definition of pathological physiology ? Do you want to know what this branch of physiology is dedicated to? If you keep reading this FastlyHealarticle we will give you all the keys so that you can understand its meaning, function and importance.

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What is pathological physiology

Pathological physiology is a specialization of physiology and medicine that is dedicated to studying the mechanisms and ways in which diseases originate , explaining the symptoms they produce, how they manifest themselves and the changes that these conditions cause in the human body.

If physiology studies the way the organism carries out processes in a normal and healthy way, this branch does the same but only studying diseased bodies . Its results are vital for practicing medicine, since they give rise to an understanding of all the physical and chemical mechanisms that cause diseases, so that it allows us to know the most appropriate way to treat them to prevent or heal them. As we learn more about a specific disease, we can treat it more precisely and specifically, allocating all our resources to something specific and not superficially treating the symptoms.

Study of pathological physiology

Pathological physiology has been able to clarify, through the study of diseases, an e volution and way of presenting itself of these affections. Below we explain the phases into which the course of a pathology is divided :

Early stage

At the beginning or the initial phase of a disease we often call it the latency period , in this stage the first variations that occur in the body occur from the beginning of the first effects of the pathology to its first manifestations. It is called the latency period because, in general, this stage is overcome asymptomatically , without the affected person noticing any symptoms or discomfort that a disease is incubating. The duration is indeterminate and can range from hours to days to months or even years.

Clinical phase

The clinical phase is that point at which the first manifestations of the disease begin to appear . These manifestations are not unique nor do they always act in the same way, they can occur through crises or episodes, or appear continuously over time. Like the previous phase, the period of time it covers is also indeterminate, it can range from days to years, so when a disease stagnates in the clinical phase for more than 6 months we say that it is a chronic disease. The specificity of chronic diseases is that, apart from their own symptoms, they also carry complications derived from the period of illness.

Terminal phase

The terminal phase may be different depending on the pathology that is underway; in those that have a benign course, such as a common cold or flu, arriving at this stage, the patient is cured by regaining health and fullness of faculties. Other conditions can damage an organ, leading it to failure and ultimately causing the death of the patient .

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