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Definition of orthopneic position

by Alivia Nyhan
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The orthopnecia position is commonly used when the patient has breathing difficulties. A vertical or semi-vertical position is used using pillows to support the head and chest or sitting upright in a chair.

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Orthopneic position

The orthopneic position is the body position that allows the patient to breathe more comfortably. Generally, it is one in which the patient is sitting leaning forward, with his arms resting on a table or the components of a chair.

This position makes breathing easier because it helps to produce a more significant thoracic expansion. In that position in which the patient has a board on the lap, this allows the chest to be pressed against it, improving breathing.

Other positions

Depending on the physical problems that the patient manifests, other positions can be performed to present relief and reduce the discomfort that some symptoms may cause. Thus, we can also differentiate different parts used in the medical field as a palliative treatment:

  • Casselberry position . It is used in patients after intubation to facilitate swallowing without the danger of the liquid entering the tube.
  • Lateral decubitus position . The side position is performed to relieve the pressure that the body exerts on the sacrum, the sores, and other areas prone to pressure ulcers.
  • Elliot’s position . Dorsal position in which a support is introduced under the body at the level of the lower ribs to elevate the area of ​​the gall bladder after an operation on it.
  • Rose’s position . A dorsal part is used in some airway operations.
  • Samuel’s position . Dorsal position in which the thighs and knees are flexed while holding the legs with the hands is used in the problematic parts in the expulsion period to try to do it faster and less painfully.

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