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Definition of cephalocaudal

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Cephalocaudal means from head to toe and refers to the length of embryos and fetuses that make up the space between the crown and the rump. The most common way to determine the head-rump size is by ultrasound, and it is helpful to predict gestational age, that is, the period since the first day of the last menstrual period. The cephalocaudal allows the discovery of new information about the physical appearance of the fetus and determining if there are abnormal signs. At FastlyHealwe, explain what the cephalocaudal is.

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Relative to the body’s central axis or the relationship between the head and the base of the spine. It measures the length of human embryos and fetuses between the crown and the rump. According to the Cephalocauda Law, a child’s development taking into account its structures and functions, begins with the head, preceded by the trunk, until it reaches the legs. This is demonstrated by the fact that the upper part of the body weighs more than the rest, and it is where motor functions begin. On the other hand, control of the head, eyes, and shoulders precedes control of the limbs.

Cephalo-caudal length

The cephalo-caudal length is the measurement used to determine the size of human embryos and fetuses and is made up of the space between the rump and the crown. To do this, the medical team performs an ultrasound, through which it can be seen later if the fetus has the appropriate measurement and can predict gestational age.

The measurement is carried out in the natural state of the fetus, that is, when it is positioned so that it makes up a “C.” If the fetus is stretched, the length may vary. It should be taken into account that each fetus can have a different development, so the gestational age is variable and can change in each fetus. Thus, the mother’s age, whether she is a smoker, and other factors may influence gestational age.

6.1 week fetus: 0.4 cm.

7.7 week fetus: 1.0 cm.

8.0 week fetus: 1.6 cm.

9.2 week fetus: 2.5 cm.

9.9 week fetus: 3.0 cm.

10.9 week fetus: 4.0 cm.

12.1 week fetus: 5.5 cm.

13.2 week fetus: 7.0 cm.

14.0 week fetus: 8.0 cm.

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