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Definition of parental generation

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We can understand the parental generation as the crossing of two subjects who differ in some character. As a consequence of this “mix,” the result is a new subject representing a new generation. Mendel was one of the first to carry out studies on genetics, creating his laws on the transmission by genetic inheritance of traits from parent organisms to their children. In this FastlyHealarticle, we explain what the parental generation consists of.

Parental generation

The parental generation is the initial cross between two varieties in a genetic sequence—the parents of any individual, organism, or plant belonging to the F1 generation.

The parental generation is the generation before filial 1, that is, the generation of parents who, by interbreeding, give rise to the following generations.

The subsidiary F1 results from the crossing of two species that results in a first-generation hybrid, in which the hybridization process is preserved. Therefore, F1 refers to the first filial generation of seeds and plants.

Mendel’s laws

We cannot speak of parental generation without taking into account the works of Gregor Mendel in genetics, specifically his works on transmission by genetic inheritance. These studies focused on inheritance patterns and the genetic bases of variation. As a result, Mendel discovered that the F1 generation was heterozygous and that the phenotypes were reminiscent of the dominance of the parent plant. Thus, these findings, including the F1 and F2 generations, laid the foundation for modern genetics.

In his experiments, Mendel crossed two varieties of one or more characters obtaining the first filial generation, characterized by a phenotypic uniformity of the hybrids. The F1 combinations gave rise to the second generation subsidiary, and so on.

Mendel’s three laws explain the characteristics that descendants will have through the transmission of inheritance.

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