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Definition of passive play

by Alivia Nyhan
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As the term itself indicates, passive play encompasses those activities in which a person observes without actively participating. These can be from watching other children play or listening to stories, recommended for the little ones in order to develop a correct ability to observe what is happening in their environment. In this FastlyHealarticle we explain what passive play consists of , and we expose its advantages along with those of active games.

Passive play

Game in which a person does not actively participate. For young children, this activity may consist of listening to others, observing other children or animals, listening to stories, or looking at pictures.

Play, regardless of age, plays a fundamental role in children’s physical and intellectual development. Each play activity can be appropriate for children with different problems or needs.

Advantages of passive play

Passive games provide benefits in different aspects, such as the development of concentration, short and medium-term memory, language development, improvement of analytical thinking, etc. Some of these are board games.

Active play

Active play implies that the person performs physical activity and has an important role in the health of future generations. Some children do not get enough physical activity, which becomes a risk factor for health problems such as obesity and being overweight.

Advantages of active play

This type of game involves a waste of energy and physical interaction, among which basketball, football, volleyball, etc. stand out. These activities not only improve muscle capacity and the digestive system, but also strengthen physical and emotional development, as well as improve personality in relationships with others and coexistence.

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