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Definition of sterile field

by Alivia Nyhan
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Sterile surgical drapes are used before surgery to cover areas that are likely to be sources of contamination. They are barriers that divide the cleanroom from the other potentially contaminating elements. At FastlyHealwe provide you with the definition of a sterile field.

Sterile field

The sterile field is a particular area that is considered free of microorganisms. It is the area that surrounds a patient and has been prepared for surgical intervention.

The sterile field is the area that surrounds the surgical incision and, therefore, is free of any microorganisms that could generate an infection. This area includes the washed team members and all the furniture and fixtures in that area.

It should be the first step before any treatment or intervention that warrants the application of an aseptic technique. It is essential to remember that only equally sterile material can be used within a sterile field.

The importance of the sterile field

The sterile field is used in surgery in medicine and is a fundamental part of the intervention. If this separation of the area to be operated on and the rest of the spaces in contact were not carried out, there would be a greater risk of suffering infections that would lead to later complications. Likewise, the medical personnel involved must be equipped with sterile clothing. The clean area must form the entire set of elements isolated from other non-sterile components or people in the environment. The objective is that nothing “non-sterile” comes into contact with the sterile area since if this happens, the sterile chain is broken, and the materials that have been contaminated must be replaced. So, for example,

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