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Definition of surgical anatomy

by Alivia Nyhan
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Anatomy is the science that allows the study of organs regarding their distribution in the body, their structure and also their relationship between them. However, it is a specialty with very broad applications, therefore it has different divisions that allow more specific studies to be carried out.

The surgical anatomy is one of the types of anatomy that is used in the field of interventions and surgeries. In this FastlyHealarticle we explain in detail the definition of surgical anatomy and its use in medical practice.

Surgical anatomy concept

The surgical anatomy is the study of the structure and morphology of the tissues and organs of the body applied to surgery. This specialty allows us to analyze in detail the best way to perform a surgical intervention without causing any type of damage to the tissues and organs that are in or near the area to be intervened, such as nerves, arteries, anatomical structures or neighboring organs, all in order to ensure a successful surgery.

Surgical anatomy will therefore focus on the organ or area in which the intervention will be performed, the specialist will choose the best technique to use and the type of procedure that allows treating or correcting the problem without affecting any tissue in the body.

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