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Definition of monohybrid cross

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The monohybrid crossing was the first experiment of the naturalist Gregor Mendel. Thanks to his genetic studies on the corner of seeds, he would become one of the fathers of genetics as we know it today.

Through this crossing, Mendel wanted to discover what would happen when two plants with the same genetic endowment that only differ in a specific trait are crossed to verify how future generations would inherit this trait. His experiment would lay the foundation for what we know today as Mendel’s laws. If you wonder what the definition of a monohybrid cross is, keep reading because in this FastlyHealarticle, we explain it to you in detail.

Monohybrid crossing concept

Monohybrid crossing refers to the mating of two individuals, organisms, or strains that differ in a pair of genes for a specific trait. It is also used to refer to that cross in which only a particular genetic characteristic is being contrasted, for example, the color of the hair.

Monohybrid crossing is used to determine the probability of a given genotype based on the same allele type. For example, between a father and a mother, one of the two has a dominant gene for hair color, known as (AA) or dark color, and the other has a recessive gene for the same hair color character; this gene is known as (aa) or blonde color. During the process of cell division, both dominant and recessive genes will separate, giving rise to two different forms:

  • Heterozygous : (Aa) presents a dominant gene and another recessive; the result will be an offspring that will come out with the dominant gene for hair color from one of its parents, the dark color. Although its appearance is like that of the dominant gene, its genetic content is hybrid. Therefore future generations have the possibility of being (AA) dark hair color (Aa) hybrids or (aa) blonde hair color.
  • Homozygous : (AA) or (aa) have identical genes for that specific trait; that is, they will have dark hair or blonde hair without the genetic content being a hybrid.

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