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Definition of applied anatomy

by Alivia Nyhan
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Anatomy is the science that allows the study of the shape, arrangement, structure, and way in which the organs of our body are related. There are many types and applied, or clinical anatomy is one specialty that allows a study of the organs concerning their relationship with the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases.

Do you want to know what the definition of anatomy is applied precisely? In this FastlyHealarticle we explain it to you in detail.

Applied Anatomy Concept

Applied anatomy, also known as clinical, links the study of the body’s organs with a specific diagnosis that allows treating a particular condition. Through this discipline, knowledge about anatomy is put into practice to detect the presence of diseases and find their timely treatment.

The name of each type of applied anatomy will depend on the type of medical specialty to which you want to apply anatomical knowledge; some types of applied anatomy are:

  • Pathological: it is in charge of studying diseases by analyzing the structural, biochemical, and functional changes present in a specific condition.
  • Surgical: studies the structure and shape of organic tissues through surgery.
  • Radiological: it is responsible for generating images of the human body using agents such as X-rays, magnetic fields, or ultrasound to offer a diagnosis to the patient.
  • Morphogenetics: related to developmental diseases that occur congenitally.

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