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Definition of monozygotic twins

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Monozygotic twins are those that develop from a single egg and, as a consequence, share the same genetic makeup. This occurs when the embryo divides in two, giving rise to two fetuses that develop independently. Therefore, we are talking about identical twins of the same sex who share very similar physical and even psychological, and mental traits. If you want to know more about this phenomenon, at FastlyHealwe, explain what monozygotic twins are.

Monozygotic twins

Monozygotic twins are two offspring of the same pregnancy that develops from a single fertilized egg that divides into two halves in the early division phase of embryonic development, creating separate fetuses. These twins are always of the same sex, have the same genetic makeup, have the same blood group, and are very similar in terms of physical, psychological, and mental characteristics. Monozygotic twins may have shared or separate placentas and membranes depending on when the division occurred in development.

Are identical twins always the same sex?

One of the main differences between identical or monozygotic twins and twins is that the former are always of the same sex. However, we find an exception that occurs when one of the fetuses is affected by Turner syndrome. When this happens, the affected embryo totally or partially loses the second chromosome of the sex-differentiating gene and, consequently, only contains the X chromosome. Hence, the fetus inevitably evolves with the female sex, regardless of the sex of its brother.

Difference between twins and twins

Twins are dizygotic twins. This implies that the two fetuses have developed in two different ovules and using two sperm, so they do not have the same physical characteristics. This fact takes place by hyperovulation, by which the mother releases more than one ovum per cycle, being more likely to have twins.

On the other hand, twins or identical twins are known as monozygotic. As we have explained previously, this occurs when a single ovum is fertilized by a sperm and subsequently divides into two, giving rise to two fetuses. Your genetic code, blood type, and sex are the same.

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