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Definition of Chadwick’s sign

by Alivia Nyhan
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Undoubtedly the absence or delay of menstruation is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Still, it is not the only one since many women suffer delays frequently and do not usually take this fact as something essential or decisive. However, when the embryo is implanted, the organism initiates a series of changes that allow us to presume the existence of pregnancy; the Chadwick sign is one of them.

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Chadwick sign concept

For most women, the absence of menstruation when sexually active can signify a possible pregnancy; however, in women with irregular cycles or who do not keep track of their menstrual cycle, an absence is not necessarily betray a pregnancy.

However, when the lack of menstruation is combined with other symptoms, such as tiredness and unexplained sleep, tender nipples, frequent desire to urinate, or nausea and an upset stomach, we can begin to suspect more seriously of a pregnancy.

The sign Chadwick, also known as sign Jacquemier part of this list of symptoms early in a pregnancy; it is a violet color or tone of the dark blue of the vaginal mucosa and neck of the uterus that appears from the fourth-week pregnancy, as a typical result of local venous congestion caused by increased progesterone.

This change, which is usually observed using the speculum during a gynecological examination, by itself does not necessarily represent a pregnancy since the days before menstruation also present these color changes in the vaginal area; therefore, it must be linked to other manifestations of pregnancy such as those mentioned above, to suspect the existence of a pregnancy.

In our article the first symptoms of pregnancy, we explain in detail the classic signs of the first weeks of pregnancy so that you can know them.

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