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Definition of developmental anatomy

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Definition of developmental anatomy

In medicine and biology, anatomy is a fundamental science because it is responsible for studying how our organs are arranged in the body, their shape, and the relationship between them. It is a broad branch with many divisions that allow a more specific analysis, and the developmental anatomy is part of these subdivisions.

Due to its breadth, this type of anatomy is subdivided into different types that allow a more specific study to be carried out. If you want to know the Definition of developmental anatomy in detail, keep reading because, at FastlyHeal, we explain it to you.

Developmental anatomy concept

The developmental anatomy is the study of the differences, changes in morphology, and growth of an organism since it is a cell until birth, development, and aging. This science has several branches depending on the stage and age of the individual being studied, these are:

  • Embryology: the study of changes in the shape and function of the body of embryos when they are in the prenatal stage. It analyzes morphogenesis, embryo development, gametogenesis, and all the processes involved in this stage of the fetus.
  • Perinatology: allows the study of the morphological changes of the fetus from the 28th week of gestation to between 7 and 28 days after birth.
  • Pediatric: the various changes in the body that occur from the first months of life to puberty are studied.
  • Geriatric: customarily applied from the age of 60, studies the effects of age on the human body based on the functioning of its organs.
  • Teratology: deals with the study of abnormal development of any part of the human body, regardless of whether internal or environmental factors cause these abnormalities.

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