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Dark spots in the armpits: causes

by Alivia Nyhan
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The armpits are under the arms and there are important sweat glands. The skin that covers this part of the body is very delicate and tends to form folds, in which sweat, bacteria or other substances often accumulate.

Due to the location of the armpits and factors such as hair removal, many people notice that their armpits take on a darker color compared to the skin around them, and sometimes symptoms of irritation or burning accompany it. Although dark spots in the armpits are not by themselves a health problem, they can look bad and some may associate it with poor hygiene. It is caused by several factors and not only due to poor cleaning, it may even be necessary to review a specialist to find what causes it and treat it. That is why at FastlyHealwe want to explain the causes of dark spots in the armpits .

Use of poor quality deodorants

Some products used to prevent perspiration contain fragrance or alcohol. The effect of these substances on the skin of the armpits is not immediately perceived, but with constant use it will become increasingly darker, it also favors the fixation of dead cells and bacteria, causing irritation and dryness.

In this case, for the dark spots in the armpits to disappear, it is enough to stop using the harmful product and carry out a proper cleaning. Identify that deodorants or antiperspirants are alcohol and fragrance free, some include ingredients that help skin care. You can also go for natural remedies to prevent sweating and they are just as effective.

Accumulation of dead cells in the skin of the armpits

The skin is continuously regenerating, so there is a removal of dead cells. Sometimes these cells accumulate in certain areas of the body, commonly in those that form folds such as the armpits, where removal by themselves is difficult.

The cells that are trapped in the skin of the armpits clog the pores and the pigmentation change occurs. This process is slow and can be avoided with a good cleaning of the area or using products that help remove dead cells or natural exfoliants .

Hair removal methods harmful to the skin

It is normal to want to show off clean and hair-free armpits, but the opposite effect can be achieved if the waxing is carried out with materials that damage the skin. You also have to take into consideration which method best suits your skin type and does not cause an allergic reaction.

When cutting the hair with rakes, in addition to not removing it completely, it can cause injuries and irritation to the skin, and if the deodorant is also applied immediately, it tends to penetrate the skin through the cuts and generate dark spots in the armpits . On the other hand, if there are remains of hairs, or due to their rapid growth, they cause this area of ​​the body to be seen darker.

Likewise, hair removal creams are also widely used, but sometimes the chemical products they contain have a negative effect on the skin of the armpits, causing it to darken.


Another cause of dark spots in the armpits is being overweight and it has to do with several possible factors. Frequently, this condition is associated with some hormonal or insulin disorder. They also appear due to the friction between the skin of the armpit and the arms, which are generally flabby and droopy. The most advisable thing in this situation is to maintain a healthy weight and diet, and go to a nutritionist to treat the pathology that could be causing the dark spots in the armpits.

Genetic factors

There are people who usually have dark spots in the armpits due to genetic predisposition, such as the skin disease called acantois nigricans and the darkening occurs in the areas of the body where the skin is folded or folds. Although this condition can be caused by other diseases or certain medications, it has been seen mostly in people of African descent or with less fair skin.

Many times the development of acantois nigricans is considered a symptom of a major pathology, such as heart disease. Therefore, to fade the dark spots in the armpits, the origin of the same must first be solved, otherwise, you will most likely not see progress with the treatments for the spots.

Bacterial infections

If the underarm area is not properly cleaned, there may be an accumulation of bacteria between the skin folds and an infection can develop. This condition leads to a change in pigmentation, irritation and burning in the armpits . Due to climatic conditions, people who live in tropical areas are usually the most affected by this condition. You should go to a dermatologist in such a situation so that they can prescribe the best treatment for the infection and eliminate the dark spots in the armpits .

Solar exposition

You probably think that the armpits, because they are protected under the arms and are not directly exposed to the sun, are not affected by ultraviolet rays, but this is not the case. If you do not protect the armpits with a suitable product or clothing, the body naturally increases the production of melanin in this area as a protection mechanism against solar radiation, being another cause of hyperpigmentation in the armpits .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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