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Home remedies to remove dark spots on the face

by Alivia Nyhan
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How to get rid of blemishes on my face? You may have been thinking about taking steps to end these signs that make your face look unkempt for a while. First of all, it is essential to go to a dermatologist to clarify where the spots come from and if they are a symptom that warns of the presence of a disease. Usually, these signs appear from skin exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, or as a trace of acne and are not considered severe, so you should not worry at first.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we are going to explain the home remedies to eliminate dark spots on the face and the causes that may be behind them.

Causes of dark spots on the face

Finding the origin of the dark spots on the face is essential to end the root problem. At first, these signs on our face should not generate excessive concern, but it never hurts to visit the dermatologist so that he can decide what the actual cause may be.

These spots appear due to an excess of melanin, a substance that gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. In this way, the accumulation of melanin in some areas of the face causes the appearance of dark spots. In this article, we explain in more depth the causes of dark spots on the front, but then we briefly expose them:

  • Sun exposure. The sun’s rays increase melanin, and for this reason, the skin darkens.
  • Hormonal changes. In periods such as pregnancy, there may be an excess of some hormones that cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin.
  • Medications. Certain medications can also lead to an increase in melanin.
  • Age. Over the years, melatonin production has been more uneven, and some parts of the face may darken more than others.

Orange cream for dark spots

The high concentration of vitamin C present in orange has many benefits for the skin and is one of the home remedies to remove dark spots without damaging them. In this way, we will be able to eliminate the imperfections that are on the surface of the skin since vitamin C intervenes in the production of melanin, the substance that gives a darker color to the skin. We will achieve with this home remedy that all the skin of the face adopts the same color, generating new layers of skin. In some cases, more than one session may be needed to achieve even skin. In addition, with this home remedy to eliminate dark spots on the skin, we will increase collagen levels. This substance gives firmness to the skin so that higher collagen levels will provide a better appearance to the skin.

Prepare orange mask

  • The skin of a large orange.
  • 1 tablespoon of milk.
  • Five drops of liquid glycerin.

We extract the skin of the orange and let it dry in a place where it is exposed to the sun. Once we detect that it is dry, we pulverize it with a mortar. When we have obtained the powder, we mix two tablespoons of it with the milk and the drops of liquid glycerin.

Now that we have the mask ready, we apply it to the face once a day for a week, letting it dry and later rinsing with cold water. Try not to sunbathe while doing this home remedy to get rid of dark spots on your face.

Make sure to store the contents in a cool, dry place.

Oatmeal and lemon for blemishes on the face

Lemon is an excellent ally to erase dark spots on the face due to its blocking effects and vitamin C content. In addition, lemon is rich in citric acid, which is also helpful in our goal of eliminating facial signs by favoring the renewal of cells and facilitating their healing.

If we also incorporate oatmeal in our home remedy to eliminate dark spots on the face, the effects will increase. Why? The oatmeal has exfoliating properties excellent for the skin, so in addition to the above products, it also will facilitate the removal of dead cells and debris that we should get rid of.

Make a lemon and oatmeal mask.

It is straightforward. We need to mix one tablespoon of oatmeal in half a glass of water and add two tablespoons of natural lemon juice. We combine the content well and apply it to the area of ​​the face where the dark spots are found, leaving it to act for 15 minutes. Then we rinse with cold water.

Honey and turmeric to remove blemishes on the face

Honey is another product that has many positive effects on our skin, such as the ability to regenerate the skin and reduce blemishes. This product made by bees is a powerful moisturizer, and being rich in vitamins and minerals helps nourish the face. Honey is one of the best home remedies to eliminate dark spots initially due to its hydrogen peroxide content. This component allows for equalizing the skin tone due to its whitening effect.

On the other hand, turmeric is also an excellent ally in caring for the skin since its curcumin content can lighten the tone.

Make a honey and turmeric mask.

To obtain this remedy and eliminate dark spots on the face, we mix two tablespoons of turmeric powder with two tablespoons of honey until we get a thick substance. This cream should be applied to the front and allowed to act for 20 minutes. Subsequently, we rinse with plenty of water. We can repeat this remedy to end the spots once a day until we see results.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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