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Can I get pregnant without ejaculation and with a condom?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Can I get pregnant in my bare stage? Am I at risk of pregnancy if I use a condom? Can I get pregnant if my partner has not ejaculated? Indeed, once sexual life has started, there can be many questions and doubts at this time, especially when you are not prepared to face everything that pregnancy implies.

All the measures taken to avoid an unwanted pregnancy are necessary, as well as it is vital to know the correct and ideal way to take care of yourself from the first moment you have sex. At FastlyHealwe solve a frequent question on this topic: ” can I get pregnant without ejaculation and with a condom? “. In addition, we inform you about how it is possible to have adequate family planning.

Pregnancy and family planning

Pregnancy represents a life decision that implies appropriate family planning, both with the couple and the gynecologist, who will indicate the ideal way to avoid a pregnancy at the unwanted moment in a personalized and individualized manner.

Any sexual relationship in which no type of protection is used can cause a pregnancy, hence the importance of family planning in which, in addition to avoiding unwanted pregnancy, the need for abortion is reduced.

Can you get pregnant without ejaculation and using a condom?

The honest answer is that the probability of getting pregnant without ejaculation and with a condom is almost nil, even though there are spermatozoa in the precum if ejaculation is performed outside the vagina is, using coitus interruptus as a contraceptive method. The probability of getting pregnant is minimal, taking into consideration that associated with this condom is used, which, unless the condom breaks, prevents unwanted pregnancy in any way.

Coitus interruptus or reversing is one of the ways used to avoid pregnancy. This method prevents direct contact of the seminal fluid with the vagina; this method works much better when combined with a barrier method of contraception (male and female condoms).

Coitus interruptus: what does it consist of?

Among the different methods of contraception is coitus interruptus, reversing or ejaculation outside the vagina, which involves withdrawing the penis just before ejaculating. It is not a completely reliable method since the precum contains sperm that can cause pregnancy, and the time it takes to withdraw the penis from the vagina to prevent the leakage of semen is relative.

Although it is rare, it cannot be ruled out, nor can it be said that sperm can’t ascend into the uterus during sexual intercourse, but just before ejaculation, that is, in the precum.

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The condom is the best non-hormonal method to avoid pregnancy.

Undoubtedly, the effective contraceptive method to protect twice is the condom, which can avoid pregnancy and prevent the probability of contracting an STD or sexually transmitted disease.

The important thing for its optimal use is that when having sexual intercourse, the condom is used from the beginning and throughout the act to maximum effectiveness.

The use of the barrier method, such as the condom, allows for satisfactorily practicing sexual relations, enjoying thoroughly and without being afraid of ejaculation, which would generate uncertainty throughout the sexual act.

Other contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancy

Although there is coitus interruptus and the barrier method (condom) as the most used and the ones of choice when preventing pregnancy and any the sexually transmitted diseases, there are also many other contraceptive methods :

  • The rhythm method consists in that the woman must consider how long is the duration of her menstrual cycle. Once this is defined, 14 days before the next period or menstruation is defined as the day of ovulation. Once taken, this point is taken into count three days before and two days after the day of ovulation as the fertile range in which unprotected sex should be avoided.
  • Another contraceptive method also used is the contraceptive pill with 91% effectiveness, which is taken initially from the first day of menstruation, regularly complying with the daily intake without avoiding any information during the subsequent days.
  • The monthly or quarterly injection is also considered another contraceptive method to avoid unwanted pregnancy, with 94% of effectiveness. This injection can prevent ovulation in a usual way in women, and in this way, it prevents the fertilization of the sperm with the ovum.

Using a condom correctly in conjunction with intercourse interruptus represents an appropriate way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Likewise, there are multiple contraceptive methods of choice for each person in family planning that they have and under the supervision of a doctor, who will work based on the effectiveness of the method, the safety it generates, the ease of use, the reversibility in Regarding the fertility to get pregnant once the method is suspended and the cost of each of them. For example, other hormonal contraceptive methods are the contraceptive implant and the contraceptive ring. We recommend that you talk to your doctor before you start using any contraceptive methods out there.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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