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Why do I have triggers

by Alivia Nyhan
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On the vast majority of occasions, the triggers are produced due to ideas and fears present in society. This has given us an image of how a man must be in bed to meet expectations, generating pressure and an unrealistic vision about sex. The trigger occurs when the man gets an erection but then loses it as a cause of different factors that we will explain below. Emotional, physical, or external factors usually intervene, although the latter represent a meager percentage of the total. In this FastlyHealarticle, we answer why triggers occur.

Society and expectations

Currently, people receive stimuli about the masculine and feminine profile that prevails in society: muscular, tall men; slim women, tall, with big breasts … This generates a very marked stereotype of how the perfect man should be, the one that every woman wants. Advertising, idyllic sex scenes in movies and even porn movies sell a very distorted image of a real couple and what sex is like. In this way, the man feels the obligation to fulfill some expectations to feel satisfied in his sexual relations. Otherwise, he thinks that he is not up to the task, that he cannot satisfy the woman, etc.

Emotional factors

Most of the triggers result from thoughts and fears that arise due to the need to meet expectations. In this way, the man faces sexual relations with anxiety, which increases the chances of suffering a trigger. This results in excessive worry, which is usually present in very perfectionist men, who tend to present anxiety in other aspects of their lives. These people tend to have more significant problems in their sexual relations in general, and it is one of the reasons why men have triggers. In these cases, the guy focuses too much on the erection and pleasing his partner without trying to let everything flow and enjoy, thinking about things like: “What will she think if my penis is not stiff? What if I can’t get an erection? “

External factors

  • I condoms . Many men conceive the condom as a barrier to feeling pleasure or for fear of putting it on badly. The sexual interruption when putting on the condom generates anxiety since if the man has had a negative experience on other occasions when putting on the condom, these thoughts will invade him. In addition, there is also a tendency to think that the level of pleasure will decrease using a condom, so it is another factor that generates rejection.
  • An antierotic environment may be another answer to why men get triggered. An unpleasant environment can influence sexual relationships by making a partner uncomfortable. In man, this can translate into a trigger.
  • Labor problems . Another external factor that can explain why a man has triggered is not being able to put aside work problems, among others, that are in his mind, so he cannot relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Lack of stimulation . It may also be that the woman causes pain during the preliminaries due to lack of experience or that her ways of trying to stimulate the man do not excite him.

Physical factors

Another factor that could answer the question “why do I have triggers” is some disease or illness in men; one of them is known as male menopause. This occurs due to the lack of steroids and sex hormones that can decrease as a man ages due to physiological changes. These changes can affect some men to a greater extent, influencing their sex life. However, it must be borne in mind that it is a natural process, so it is not considered a disease. As a consequence of this reduction in androgens, men produce less testosterone.

Other physical factors are cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, or neurological diseases.

End the triggers

The first thing we must do to end the triggers is to find out what the cause is. Depending on the reason for the triggers, the solution will be different.

  • Relaxation techniques. When the cause of triggers is stress and anxiety, we must learn to perform relaxation techniques to free ourselves from this state. You have to learn to clear your mind and ward off fears and worries. In the same way, we must try to make the sex flow, and in the event of a trigger, not force the situation, but instead wait a while and try again.
  • Power . The trigger can be caused by an inadequate diet and the consumption of drugs or alcohol, so acquiring good habits will be essential. In this article, you can consult the foods that increase sexual desire.
  • If the triggers occur very frequently or the problem cannot be solved, there are other options to solve this problem. Some products, such as viagra, can be effective, although you should always go to the doctor before use and require a prescription. In this article, we explain some aspects of viagra.
  • Another valid option is to go to a specialist to try to solve the triggers, such as sexual therapies through which the problem is addressed to end the anxiety generated by the stimuli.

Tips for her

Even though the trigger occurs in men, women have a vital role in dealing with this situation and trying to solve the problem. The worst thing a woman can do when a man is triggered is made some offensive comment. The woman must show her understanding and not pressure the man or make him feel bad. In addition, it should not be taken personally since sometimes the triggers occur because the man is very attracted to the woman and does not want to disappoint her in bed. The most advisable thing is that the woman contributes to the man’s relaxation without giving importance to the trigger, performing caresses, kisses, etc. However, when spurs occur repeatedly, it can lead to relationship problems.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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