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Delayed ejaculation: causes and treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Delayed ejaculation, also known as anejaculation or ejaculation inability, is an orgasmic disorder—men with this disorder experience a lack of ejaculation during sexual intercourse or any stimulus of sexual arousal. An inhibition can cause delayed ejaculation due to psychological or physical problems. This causes incredible frustration for men, and for this reason, most patients who suffer from this disorder find it challenging to maintain an active and constant sexual life.

There are times when a man with anejaculation manages to reach an orgasm but with an effort of approximately 30 or 45 minutes. It can also happen that the anejaculation is partial. That is to say, the man can ejaculate normally by masturbation without any other person present but cannot reach orgasm in the sexual act with his partner. To know the necessary procedures and improve this pathology, you should consult a doctor. Meanwhile, at FastlyHealwe will explain the causes and treatment of delayed ejaculation.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

The causes of delayed ejaculation can be psychological or organic.

Psychological causes

  • Anxiety: it appears in almost all sexual disorders when you have negative thoughts and are very careful not to upset your partner or have a correct ejaculation. This creates tension, and anejaculation occurs.
  • Lack of attraction or problems in the couple: a man may ejaculate perfectly with other women who are not his partner, while with her, they find it difficult to ejaculate or not even succeed. This may be due to a lack of physical attraction for the partner at the time of sex or because he is in constant problems with his wife, and this causes the sexual desire for her to decrease a lot or make him feel too stressed.
  • Excessive masturbation: it is possible that a man is conditioned by the habit of constantly masturbating and that he becomes more comfortable with it than in the sexual act with his partner.
  • Traumas: some men with anejaculation have suffered traumatic events that ended up causing this disorder. For example, they are having been discovered while masturbating or knowing that their wife is in a romantic relationship with another man, among other things.
  • Religious context: religion can cause delayed ejaculation since some religions see sex as a sin, which makes men not feel comfortable when it comes to practicing it.

Physical causes

  • Seminal tract obstruction: there may be a blockage in the ducts through which semen passes.
  • Hormonal difficulties: A man with anejaculation may be low in testosterone.
  • Surgeries: it may happen that in pelvic surgeries, the nerves in the area are damaged.
  • Medications: the consumption of certain drugs can cause delayed ejaculation, such as antihypertensives.
  • Diseases and consumption of different substances: pathologies such as a stroke, a spinal injury, or the consumption of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine or cannabis can delay ejaculation.

Treatment of delayed ejaculation

It is essential to consult a doctor if you suffer from anejaculation. If a man can never secrete before any stimulation, there may be a physical cause, and he must go to a urologist to diagnose it and provide the indicated treatment.

Suppose the causes are psychological, the treatment for delayed ejaculation serála personal therapy and partner depending on the grounds of anejaculation. It can be teaching regarding sexual response or communication in the couple about sex so that both know more about tastes and can generate appropriate stimulation. Or you can focus on improving your relationship with your partner and emotional intimacy if delayed ejaculation depends on that. If the cause is a drug, a specialist should be consulted to grant you another drug option. It would help if you never stopped taking medicine without consulting your doctor.

Prognosis of delayed ejaculation

The prognosis of delayed ejaculation will depend on the cause producing it. Generally, if it is due to psychological factors, between 12 and 18 sessions will be required; everything will depend on the patient’s motivation and if there is no more serious psychological problem.

The ideal is to work so that you can relax at the time of sexual contact; the couple is an essential factor since they will be responsible for creating the right atmosphere without pressure. Be open and discuss your fears or anxiety.

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