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Tips to clear the lungs when quit smoking

by Alivia Nyhan
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Have you quit smoking? So now comes the turn of a lung cleansing process that is essential to get to breathe again and regain your health. However, this can be a slow and arduous process, that is why at FastlyHealwe are going to give you some tips to clean your lungs when you quit smoking that can help you eliminate accumulated toxins and, thus, help in their regeneration. Keep in mind that, over time, the toxins generated by a cigarette are eliminated naturally in 2 weeks so imagine the time it takes your body to reduce several years of cigarette consumption.

In general terms, it is indicated that 3 months after quitting tobacco, blood circulation works better and lung capacity can increase up to 30%, for this reason, if you add some of the advice that we will give you below, you will get accelerate the healing of your organ and recover faster.

Foods to detoxify the lungs of tobacco

Through food you can clean the lungs of tobacco and its toxins since they provide essential nutrients that make the body work better and that it is filled with antioxidants, beneficial elements for stronger and healthier health. So, the diet that you should follow from now on will be the following:

Reduce phlegm-producing food

There are some foods that, due to their composition, cause the creation of mucus in our body. These ingredients are all dairy, red meat, pork, fats, grains, and nuts. We are not indicating that you stop taking them but simply limit your habits and, against them, opt for vegetables and fruits.

Garlic is good for the lungs

Another food that you can incorporate into your diet is raw garlic as it will reduce the mucus accumulated in the lungs thanks to its high allicin content. Ideally, you should take it in your recipes such as salads, juices, smoothies, etc., but if you don’t quite like the flavor, you can take it whole as if it were a pill. Your body will notice its extensive health benefits .

Chlorophyll rich foods

Chlorophyll is a nutrient with cleansing properties and, therefore, ideal for having toxin-free lungs. In addition to this, they also manage to better absorb oxygen since a greater amount of blood is produced to be able to produce internal cleaning, for this reason introducing ingredients such as spirulina or green algae into your diet is a perfect idea.

Add pineapple to your diet to cleanse the lungs

Pineapple is a fruit rich in water that cleans the body and reduces toxins, but also contains bromelain, an active ingredient that cleans the cells found in our vital organs. In addition, it also stimulates elasticity so you can breathe more deeply.

Eat apples every day

On the other hand, apples are also an ideal fruit for the lungs because they are rich in water, which allows the body to be purified through the urine, but it is also rich in magnesium and ascorbic acid, two components that improve respiratory capacity. and detoxifies the lungs. At FastlyHealwe recommend these juices to cleanse the lungs made with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Drink more water

From 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day is what the experts recommend taking during a day to hydrate the body but also to get a deep cleanse and reduce the presence of toxins.

Home remedies to clean the lungs

We must also emphasize that there are other natural ingredients with perfect properties to clean the lungs when quitting smoking and thus achieve a toxin-free and purified organ. They are home remedies that you can easily prepare at home and that will act inside you as authentic natural medicines that are ideal for improving your health. Here we discover the best ones:

Green tea to detoxify the lungs

Of all the medicinal infusions, green tea is the one that works best to cleanse our body since it provides large doses of antioxidants that reduce the attack of free radicals and, therefore, be warned against the aging of our body. The catechin that we find in this infusion acts as a great antioxidant that also reduces the mucus of tobacco. At FastlyHealwe discover the benefits of green tea .

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is also perfect to cleanse our body and is also recommended to slow down the evolution of lung cancer. The reason is that it is rich in silibinin, a component that can reduce the impact of some tumors and that prevents cancer cells from multiplying. You can take this medicinal plant in infusion or, also, go to natural product stores and take it as tablets.

Licorice root to cleanse lungs

This is a perfect remedy to reduce the presence of mucus in the lungs since it acts as an expectorant that reduces irritation of the tissues in addition to containing antimicrobial properties. It is important that, before taking this remedy, you consult your doctor because it can cause side effects such as hypertension or salt retention.


Curcumin is one of the main ingredients in turmeric and it reduces inflammation in the organs but also reduces oxidation in the lungs. It is an ideal spice to protect our body from pathologies related to the respiratory system, so it is perfect to get rid of toxins accumulated due to tobacco. The corticosteroids that this ingredient contains is also ideal for eliminating infections and cleaning the lungs.

The ideal ginger for healthier lungs

This is one of the best remedies to take care of the health of the respiratory system since ginger is perfect for reducing phlegm, opening the bronchi and improving the intake of oxygen. But, in addition, we must not forget that it is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product with which you can reduce the dry cough so characteristic of ex-smokers.

The properties of ginger to take care of the health of the respiratory system are well known and one of the main reasons why this medicinal root is appreciated.

In this other FastlyHealarticle we give you more infusions to cleanse the lungs that you can introduce into your daily life.

Exercise to take care of your lungs

But to achieve clean and toxin-free lungs, there is nothing better than promoting greater air entry and exit, since, in this way, it is possible to oxygenate and reduce the presence of infectious agents. Therefore, practicing physical exercise will be vital to get your respiratory system back on track and for the lungs to rid themselves of toxic substances stored inside.

Cardiovascular exercises that activate blood flow are the most recommended to bet on stronger health and regenerated lungs, therefore, it is recommended that you start practicing activities such as cycling, going for a run or going to the gym to do aerobics. The best thing is that you start gradually with low intensity exercises and that last about 20 minutes; little by little it increases until reaching 45 minutes of training. From 3 to 5 times a week you should train to have a healthier and stronger body.

The practice of other exercises such as yoga or Pilates is also favorable since they focus on breathing. He thinks that paying attention to the act of breathing and opting for deep inhalations is one of the best ways to oxygenate cells and allow air to circulate freely inside our body. In addition, these two disciplines that we have highlighted also activate the cardiovascular system by improving blood flow.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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