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Stages of male puberty and changes

by Alivia Nyhan
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Both boys and girls begin to experience significant physical and behavioral changes during their teenage years. This is because, at this stage, the body starts to change and go from childhood to maturity, which causes the release of hormones and changes in parts of the body. In this FastlyHealarticle, we will analyze the stages of male puberty and its changes so that you can see everything that happens in a boy when he reaches this moment in his life.

Male puberty: stages

We will start this article by analyzing all the stages of male puberty so that you can better understand and classify them. They are as follows:

The first stage of male puberty

Ten years is generally the age that marks the beginning of the male puberty stages. Here, the testes begin their maturation process with initial growth. Scrotal growth is also one of the symptoms of puberty. Although these parts are developing in children, they still cannot reproduce. Occasional erections can start.

Second stage

This stage is between 12-and 13 years old. The testes continue their growth process, and testosterone production increases, leading to further changes. There will be a gradual increase in height, and pubic hair will begin to gain color.

Third stage

It begins at the age of 13 or 14. The child continues to grow in stature. The penis and testicles continue to increase, and they may experience ejaculations or so-called wet dreams. The child’s voice will undergo a change that will deepen it.

The fourth stage of male puberty

Hair grows in the armpits and on the face. Your voice will be more profound, and your skin will be more oily. That is why the time has come to suffer from the dreaded acne.

Fifth stage

The child reaches the highest possible height. The shoulders are widened, and the legs, arms, and chest muscles are developed. This occurs due to the development of new muscle fibers. The sexual organs will fully develop and already achieve the appearance of adult sex. Although the boy reaches his height and body shape at this stage, some men continue to grow into their 20s.

Changes during male puberty

In addition to the stages, it is also essential to consider the changes in male puberty that young men experience when they reach adolescence. They are both physical and internal changes that modify the appearance and the boys’ behavior.

The most significant changes that take place during the main stages of male puberty are the following:

Changes in the body

The male body will also begin to change in the stages of male puberty. Guys tend to grow larger and broader at the shoulders and back, resulting in a silhouette similar to an inverted triangle. As a general rule, boys have a vast upper body and a narrower lower body, while in the case of girls, the transformation is usually the reverse since the hips are enlarged.

A deeper voice

The voice is also another of the most significant changes in young people who reach puberty. The reason is that the larynx enlarges and, therefore, so do the vocal cords; This change can cause that, during this process, what is known as “roosters” appear, which is nothing more than the voice in the process of evolution. After this moment, the male will show a more profound and more resounding voice than during childhood.

Pubic hair appears

In addition, it is also expected that during this stage, the first hairs begin to appear in the pubic area because the male hormone, testosterone, begins to be produced in more significant quantities. Therefore, the hair in this part of the body during childhood (light and soft) will now change and become thicker and curly. In addition, it will grow until it covers the entire pubis and reaches the inner thigh.

Larger testicles and scrotum

When a boy reaches puberty, one of the changes he experiences most visibly is the enlargement of the testicles and the scrotal sac. Their size can double.

A bigger and thicker penis

Among the main changes in the body in male puberty, we also have to highlight that the penis becomes more extensive in both length and thickness. Remember that it is at this stage that you enter the age of fertility and reproduction. Therefore, the sexual organs begin to change to be ready for fertilization.

Sexual Aspects During Puberty

In addition to the physical changes, you have to know that during the male puberty stage, boys also experience changes related to their sexuality since it is when the body begins to prepare for the reproduction of the species.

Male puberty, the fertility stage

You have to know that puberty is known as the fertility stage because it is at this time when boys can begin to procreate; in fact, it is considered that from the first ejaculation, men can already start to reproduce.

In addition, it is at this time that sexual desires and urges begin to be felt, mainly due to the release of testosterone and the production of sperm. For this reason, at this time, boys can be surprised with erotic dreams or involuntary erections that can appear at different times of the day.

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