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Foods to improve erection

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is common to think that to have a firm erection, it is only necessary to be aroused; however, in addition to a sound stimulus, other factors come into play to produce a lasting and adequate erection. Optimal blood circulation, good heart function, an average stress level, and an excellent emotional balance are essential to achieve this. However, diet also plays an important role.

Those ingredients that promote good blood circulation and an adequate testosterone level are suitable for optimizing the male response. Do you wonder what they are? Keep reading because, in this FastlyHealarticle, we reveal the most effective erection-enhancing foods.

The importance of a good diet

Eating properly is essential for the body to function well, receiving all the necessary nutrients to be healthy. And when we speak specifically of erection, it is equally crucial since an inadequate diet, and a sedentary lifestyle can affect the male sexual response.

A high-fat diet and lack of physical exercise can lead to the accumulation of fat in the arteries, which hinders blood circulation and results in a less powerful erection. At the same time, having low testosterone levels can also affect sexual response. However, some ingredients can contribute to better hormonal production, helping combat the problem.

Despite this, it is essential to note that recurrent erectile dysfunction requires medical attention. Visiting a urologist is necessary for a complete check-up to detect the cause of the problem.

Foods rich in zinc produce more testosterone.

When it comes to adding erection-enhancing foods to the diet, zinc-rich ingredients cannot be lacking. This mineral is essential for adequate production of testosterone, the male hormone par excellence, so it must be present in your diet if you are looking for a more powerful sexual response.

Among the options that contain more zinc, we find foods such as:

  • Oysters, with just 100 grams, provide the required daily zinc content of 15 mg.
  • Sunflower seeds, which with 100 grams, provide 70% of the daily dose of this mineral.
  • Sesame seeds have the same contribution as sunflower seeds.
  • Dark chocolate, 100 grams, provides 60% of the required amount each day; this option helps improve the mood because it favors the release of dopamine.
  • For red meat, it is recommended to opt for lean cuts to avoid excess fat.
  • Peanuts, in addition to zinc, provide essential fatty acids.

Foods rich in omega-three good for circulation

Including foods rich in omega 3 in the diet is favorable for general health. These products provide essential fatty acids that our body cannot manufacture by itself but that it needs for proper functioning.

Specifically, omega 3 improves blood circulation helping to prevent heart disease and reducing the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the arteries while increasing the good cholesterol. All of this contributes to adequate blood irrigation and also achieving good erections.

That is why it is convenient to add ingredients to your diet, such as:

  • Bluefish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, or anchovies, are an ideal source of omega 3. You can eat any of them 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Seafood includes prawns, crab, or prawns full of essential fatty acids.
  • Egg yolk is recommended not to abuse this ingredient and consume a maximum of 3 eggs a week.
  • Chia or flaxseeds, easily incorporated into salads, cereals, or stews, are also a good option.
  • Flax or sunflower vegetable oils are also included in this list.

Potassium foods for a healthy circulatory system

Potassium also helps not only to maintain healthy muscles but also to promote adequate blood circulation, which is why it is essential to include it in the list of foods to improve erection. The better your blood circulation, the more blood will reach the penis to enhance sexual response, so add options such as:

  • The bananas.
  • Legumes such as beans, beans, or soybeans.
  • Dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds, or pistachios.
  • Fruits such as melon, coconut, or strawberries.
  • Vegetables such as carrots, chard, or artichokes.
  • Bluefish, red meat, chicken, or turkey, also contain this mineral.

Say yes to fiber to improve your health.

In addition to the foods mentioned above, which will have a direct impact on your sexual well-being, it is important to also incorporate ingredients rich in fiber in your diet as this helps to reduce the presence of fat in the blood, reducing bad cholesterol and facilitating a better circulatory and heart health.

Among the best alternatives are:

  • Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans or soybeans.
  • Whole grains such as oatmeal.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Seeds of all kinds.
  • Nuts.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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