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Medicinal plants for osteoarthritis

by Alivia Nyhan
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The osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease, and involves the articular cartilage wear gradually. It can happen in any joint, but is most common in the hands, hips, knees , and spine. This disease, contrary to what many may think, is not only associated with old age, but anyone can suffer from it. However, it is true that it increases with age, which is more common in women, and that there are people who are genetically predisposed to suffer from it. This disease involves pain, joint deformation and swelling and edema among others, and in this FastlyHealarticle we inform you about medicinal plants for osteoarthritis in order to alleviate these symptoms.

Aspects to consider about osteoarthritis

Symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain, creaking, joint deformation and swelling and edema. We must bear in mind that this disease can be real discomfort for those who suffer from it, and that if we detect some of these symptoms we must go to a specialist in order to establish a diagnosis. In no case are medicinal plants for osteoarthritis a treatment to cure the disease, but rather they can help alleviate its symptoms.

Cayenne pepper

The properties of cayenne pepper , a spice obtained from the fruits of the Capsicum frutescens plant , can be effective as a medicinal plant for arthritis. The benefit of cayenne pepper lies in its capsaicin content , a substance that gives it a reddish appearance and gives it a spicy flavor. Its function is to repel vegetarian animals so that they do not consume it, but its effects go much further. Capsaicin works in the brain in a similar way to pain, by stimulating the production of endorphins , which eliminate the sensation of pain. In this way, this medicinal plant can be used to calm the pain of osteoarthritis.

In this case, we must apply cayenne pepper in the form of an ointment on the affected area, in order for the capsaicin to take effect. However, do not abuse this medicinal plant for osteoarthritis, as it could irritate the skin.


The turmeric extract of a plant used for hundreds of years. The main benefits of this medicinal plant for osteoarthritis is its anti-inflammatory effect . For this reason, this spice fights the inflammation, stiffness and pain that people with osteoarthritis often experience. The way in which we should consume this medicinal plant for osteoarthritis is in the form of capsules, infusion, or adding it in our plans to season. In addition, without combining turmeric with other components with anti-inflammatory effects such as bromelain, present in pineapple and black pepper, the effects will be accentuated.


One of the most used plants in traditional Chinese medicine, and whose anti-inflammatory properties make this root one of the medicinal plants to treat osteoarthritis. The best way to get all the benefits of this plant is to prepare an infusion, through which we will reduce the swelling and pain present in diseases such as osteoarthritis. We can also choose to apply compresses soaked in ginger infusion and apply them directly on the painful area.

Horse tail

Horsetail is known for its many health benefits, including its diuretic action and its benefits for the skin, hair and nails. In the case of osteoarthritis, horsetail is an excellent medicinal plant for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties , and its positive effects on the tendons. An infusion of this plant will help reduce tissue swelling and relieve pain. Likewise, it is also effective in cases in which there is pain in the tendons, since it improves their flexibility. Horsetail favors the reconstruction of damaged cartilage, since it improves the synthesis of collagen present in bone tissues.

Advice for patients with osteoarthritis

The weight

Among the causes that can cause osteoarthritis, obesity is one of the main culprits, in addition to accelerating its development. For this reason, it is important to take care of the diet, trying to make it varied and balanced and to do physical exercise.

Hot and cold

Heat has positive effects on osteoarthritis, relieving pain and relaxing the muscles. Therefore, applying an electric mat or hot cloths can be effective. Likewise, people with osteoarthritis can suffer inflammatory outbreaks in the arthritic joint, and in these cases it is advisable to apply cold to the area with a little ice.


People who suffer from this disease should not reduce their physical activity, but rather stay active. Exercise strengthens the muscles and protects the joint, so walking, cycling and other similar activities are positive.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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